Kanye West Debuts Line of Scarves

Kanye West Scarf

Wanna dress like Yeezy? Now you can upgrade your swag with the fashion-forward rapper’s newest accessory. Kanye West has collaborated with French design partnership M/M (Paris) for a line of silk scarves inspired by the artwork for his latest album.

The five limited-edition designs, which go on sale Monday, are based on paintings done by artist George Condo for the cover of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The silk-printed images, named Power, Phoenix, Face, Priest, and Ballerina, are based on West’s musical fantasies and include the controversial nude album cover.

If you want one, you better act fast. Only 100 of each scarf will be produced. The $365 items will be sold exclusively through French boutique Colette, Chicago’s RSVP Gallery, and online on M/M (Paris)’s website.

Kanye West Scarves Kanye West Scarves

[Daily Mail via CNN]

Would you buy Kanye’s scarves? Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. iAmCaprikorn

    I WANT IT!!!! dont judge me. I like all of them


  2. Me

    I could actually make those myself…good luck to whoever pays $365 for them. I hope they at least come with signatures from Kanye west plus an album or something.


  3. Phoenix_Wright

    if it cost at most $40 then hell yea I would get it, but $365 for a scarf that probably is thin as hell? no


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  5. Devin

    Very nice but cost to much.


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  7. Mirian Wright

    very nice. but i think it may be too colourful.


  8. Heminem

    They should be $40 and sell thousands

    Ye needs to make some affordable ish!


  9. DeeJay

    Creative, I getten one!!


  10. weezay

    me wanna


  11. J Fresh

    Yup! I need one.


  12. c1

    Im Gettin 1


  13. Alani K.

    I’m not sure if I’m looking at the same thing but these scarves are horrible. I am all for people evolving and doing new things but this here is a little out there. He has just changed a lot.


  14. Denise CM

    I hope he laughs himself Sic! (all the way to the bank…) If 100% of the proceeds went to helping the blind then I’d buy…in to the yuck!


  15. E.B

    Great Job “K”!
    Well done, great colors! I’d love to own at least one of each! What a HOT idea!!!!!!! NOTHING like the Bla Bla Bla usual shit you always see. Do your thing young brother, PLEASE stay outside of the “Fu—–” box! Do you, and watch these creative items FLY OFF the shelvs! I’m praying I can put the $365 together in a very short period of time and I will wear it for everyone to see and admire my friend.

    Again, Job well done!!!!!!


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  17. Yvonne

    I would wear them, but they are a little pricey.

    Also for beautiful 100% silk scarves, silk pillowcases, hair wraps & more. To keep hairstyles fresh while you sleep or to just look fabulous.

    Google ESSENCE OF SILK they have the best prices & largest selection!!!


  18. Yaseen

    I bought one. And i love it :)


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  21. 2013


    Kanye West Debuts Line of Scarves | HipHopCube…

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