New Music: Eve f/ Timbaland – ‘Nothing to Say’

Nothing to Say

While Eve preps her oft-delayed new album, Timbaland reaches back into the vault and unleashes a previously unheard joint from the rapper for this week’s Timbaland Thursdays. E-V-E spits over the Timbo-produced beat for Fabolous and Ne-Yo’s “Make Me Better,” which she also recorded.

“Ayo this a little story about a chick that’s in love/ She was on cloud nine, thought she had that shit from above/ And it took wild time just to figure out who he was,” raps the Philly MC over the breakup tune.

Whose version do you prefer? Listen below.

Eve f/ Timbaland – “Nothing to Say”

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  3. Lisa

    I think the beat fits the story that Eve is trying to tell better than the story of Make Me Better… I think if there would be a finished version of this track out, I’d choose this one over Ne-Yo and Loso’s one. It was nice!



    i love it


  5. Yaz

    Doesnt even come close to Make Me Better!


  6. roman

    i like eve but i think fab and ne-yo’s is better. maybe bcuz dats the one im use to hearing. this does nothing for me though. if it was on an album this is one of the tracks i would skip


  7. iamsokelikelz

    this song is just amazing , eve is definitely back .. she’s one of the few female rap artists that i actually respect , she has class & she can spit mean rap .. i wish her the best & all her success , and i hope that she doesn’t let down her fan’s for this next album .. i’ve been waiting for an album from her for months ow ! COME ON EVE , YOU KILLIN IT GIRL !


  8. melly mel

    nope this sucks and i love Eve. she cuda hopped on the remix tho and the verses were tight its just the music behind it its 2…….idk its wrong


  9. Heminem

    I like it. These types of Tracks suit Tim’s style most.


  10. jstme

    Eve Killin a beat of one of tha best music producers ever been


  11. Cmonson

    This aint touching Fabs and Ne-yos make me better u serious. This has nothing on it.


  12. the Dramatikan



  13. Hmm.

    I like


  14. Sharp Tongue

    Eve is my girl, but her flow is not the same i’m just saying.


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