Nicole Scherzinger Is Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger should come with a warning. The dashing diva takes our breath away in the drop-dead gorgeous promo photos for her solo debut Killer Love, arriving this summer in the U.S. Photographer Nino Munoz captures the former Pussycat Doll’s exotic beauty in a variety of seductive poses.

“It was important to me that we not only had a lot of fashion and beauty, but the most important thing was that we showed a lot of character,” said Nicole on set of the shoot. “My style’s eclectic. It’s like rock ‘n’ roll meets like soft ethereal, flowy goddess. I got a lot of inspiration from ’70s portraits of iconic musicians.”

“Right There,” the album’s lead single featuring 50 Cent, will be available May 17 on iTunes, while the Paul Hunter-directed video premiered this week.

Take a peek at the rest of the photos and see why this Pussycat has us purring.

Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Scherzinger

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  1. Abz

    Seexyy <3


  2. J-esper

    Nicole is so HOT, hopefully Right There will be a hit. Then we have her amazing music and a booklet with this beautiful pictures!!!


  3. infamous

    WOWOOWOW. Hottest woman on earth!


  4. miki

    she is the best


  5. Aryo

    right there video has 3 million views in 2 and a half days ( on youtube) that is great


  6. Aryo

    dont forget to buy right there when its out on may 17


  7. lost1wons

    definitely could of been a Prince protege…….


  8. Fan Ov A Fan

    shes attractive but shes not drop-dead gorgeous like rihanna, keri hilson,beyonce,katy perry…

    many people will disagree but i couldnt really give a damn


    Brandon Reply:

    @Fan Ov A Fan, Only a jealous female would say that. No dude can look at these pics and say she’s not drop-dead gorgeous.


    asunkee Reply:

    @Brandon, I’m female and I think she’s right up there with “rihanna, keri hilson,beyonce,katy perry”. Maybe if she wore as much make up as the women mentioned, her beauty wouldn’t be doubted… *shrugs*


    hizzy Reply:

    @Brandon, I’m a dude and like I said before she pretty for a drag queen. I would take Kim Kardashian any day over her,


  9. Phoenix_Wright

    sexy as hell, damn


  10. mitchell

    so is ‘poison’ and ‘dont hold your beathe’ not on this album? :S


    meme Reply:

    @mitchell, lol thats too funny. i was wonderin the same thing. artist today do this new thing of releaseing 2 singles and if they dnt chart then they release a third and call it the official single. Kelly did the same thing. so how motivation suppose to be there lead single but i cud swear commander and rose colored glasses were suppose to be on the album


    J-esper Reply:

    @meme, DHYB and Poison are not US singles.
    Also Poison is only released in UK and Ireland and teh rest of Europe has DHYB as first single.

    This is not a kelly rowland project because Nicole already has Killer Love out in Europe and is releasing it in US this summer with a different tracklist and all.


    Bianca Reply:

    @mitchell, her album was never released in the U.S. I’m sure they probably will be she just chose to remix Right There as her FIRST U.S. single. She did no start-overs.


  11. LaMont

    She is very beautiful! You don’t see women that look like her everyday.


  12. Pinoy

    I don’t care what others says cause this pinay woman right here is the hottest woman alive period.


  13. AkrO

    i love this woman and her musiiik cnt wait 4 killer love ( :


  14. hizzy

    She has always looked like a drag queen to me, but hey if that’s what you are into. I must not be the only one because if you type “Nicole Scherzinger looks like” in google the first thing is “a man”.


  15. Lawrence

    Damn she is fine.


  16. mims

    awesome…she’s really exotic!!!!!


  17. Aga



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