New Music: Clinton Sparks f/ LMFAO & JoJo – ‘Sucks to Be You’

Sucks to Be You

Clinton Sparks taps LMFAO and JoJo for his kiss-off anthem “Sucks to Be You” off his My Awesome Mixtape, dropping Wednesday. The fellas leave their significant others out in the cold on the club-geared record, produced by Sparks and DJ Snake. But it’s JoJo who steals the show with her sassy verse: “Stop calling me drunk/ When you’re stumbling home/ Boy you’re shit out luck/ You gon’ be sleeping alone.” Ouch.

Clinton Sparks f/ LMFAO & JoJo – “Sucks to Be You”

[Clinton Sparks]

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  1. EL

    JoJo! We miss you. Can’t wait for the comeback.


  2. Jader

    Very Cool!!!!!!


  3. jose



  4. Eliana

    This is actually really good song.
    JoJo we miss you. Hopefully she comes back with good music like her mixtape.


  5. Josh

    Wow this sh*t is dope. I hope they’ll release this on Itunes.

    I miss my JoJo!


  6. bri_bre

    you all could of said it better jojo killed this track im so proud she coming back


  7. -

    JoJos Part was the best part. :)


  8. Phoenix_Wright

    not bad at all, usually not into current pop so its nice


  9. Derrek

    I really like this version!


  10. Derrek

    Is there a download link for this?


  11. mumi

    OMG…i think imma chocke on this.


  12. A RihYonce' Stan,

    JoJo has ALWAYS been my first love! Despite, my name on here. lol. =);

    Im loving her verse, and Im glad to see her getting back on top. =)

    2011 is the year for JoJo. and Im soooo excited for Jumping Trains!!


  13. CC

    like Clinton Sparks like LMFAO LOVE LOVE LOVE sweet JoJo! I really hope she will get the attention and push that she deserves. One of the greatest voices of the younger generation. We are pulling for you girl.


  14. Fanny

    luv it! JoJo is the BEST!



  15. Yasterrow

    We Need her 2 comeback!


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