Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator Arrested

Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator planned a promotional blitz for his solo album Goblin, but here’s one headline he may not have anticipated. The Odd Future frontman was reportedly arrested today in Los Angeles while promoting his new project.

Tyler appeared at Westchester High School to promote Goblin‘s release. Students crowded outside to get a closer look at the rapper and fellow OFWGKTA member Jasper Dolphin, who were subsequently handcuffed and released. While the exact details of the arrest are unknown, there are reports and photos of their skateboards being confiscated.

An outraged Tyler, who is still expected to perform at his release show in West Hollywood tonight, took to Twitter to express his anger over the situation. “F**K POLICE F**K YOU ALL I HOPE YOU ALL DIE,” he tweeted. “I WILL NEVER RESPECT YOU.”

Odd Future’s resident crooner Frank Ocean was also arrested late last month and had a similar reaction following the incident. “I swear if i weren’t sane in mind I’d throw a fuckin molotov in a cop car right now,” he vented.

Tyler, the Creator Tyler, the Creator

[Photos via @KARrunsLA and josh_gilder]

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  1. Yeah



  2. Ny

    Hmmm what do you know he got arrested the day his album came out… Hello any promo is good I guess atention just like Chris getting in trouble the day his album came out


    eVAN Reply:

    @Ny, not true i was there


  3. blah

    publicity stunt.


    Tiffany Reply:

    @blah, noooo its wasnt i was there i go to that skool and it was the cop assigned to our school that arrested him and the video released doesnt show everything that happened i saw the whole thing


  4. Karla Moy

    I have a dream that one day boys will be men.


  5. RealMusic

    I agree with @blah


  6. Dallas Champ

    First, Frank Ocean & now Tyler goes to jail not a good look. I am tired of hearing about rappers going to jail.


    Mr Xclusive Reply:

    @Dallas Champ, these guys arent rappers


    Joke Reply:

    @Mr Xclusive, If you’ve listened to their music, I’m sure you’d say otherwise. I’d say more, but I’m no troll.


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    [...] Per Rap-Up: [...]

  8. Real Issh

    He’s not going to jail . It’s a publicity stunt . Good promo , I think ? Go buy Goblin !


  9. ..

    I just bought Goblin!


  10. hmm

    if they confiscated there skateboards that means they were arrested for trespassing since skating is illegal on school grounds..i dont see how this is a publicity stunt O_o ya think to hard


    eVAN Reply:

    @hmm, noo i was there they werent skating they were just waiting for the light to change so they cud croos the street he was promoting hiS ALBUM AND REFUSED TO PUT HIS SKATEBOARD DONE SO THE COP GOY UPSET AND BEGAN TO PUSH HIM AND ARRESSTED HIM IT REALLY WASNT FAIR


  11. blah blah

    he got on this site didn’t he? Publicity ;p


  12. ti lyn

    read tyler or jasper’s twitter… Aint no publicity in wtf happened


  13. Name Here

    if it was his site it was just promo


  14. Ice

    I hate this guy, he has no respect whatsoever. Frank Ocean is the only sensible one out of the group.


    aaliyah Reply:

    @Ice, Seriously………


  15. Mr Xclusive

    yes woo hooo!!!! now lock this wack azz n*gro up…smh


  16. Christian

    I wonder who everyone’s favs are who read the posts about Tyler and the other Odd Future members…?


  17. Heminem

    Sure you can say F the police, but dont wish death apon anyone!!!

    Letalone those that protect us!


    Hmm. Reply:

    @Heminem, F them! They have to much power. They can kill innocent people or set them up.


  18. Mar

    Lol, these dudes ain’t right in the head.


  19. TheUrbanSystem.com

    [...] Ocean, went on when he was arrested last month. “F**K POLICE F**K YOU ALL I HOPE YOU ALL DIE,” Tyler tweeted. “I WILL NEVER RESPECT YOU.” [...]

  20. eVAN

    For everyone who thinks this was fake it wasnt, i witnessed the whole thing and him and his friend were waiting for the light and or skool cop came in the car and got out and began cussin and yelling AT him to put his skateboard done and he said “i bought this” and the cop began to push him and took his skateboard and threw it on the ground and arrested him in front of all the kids at our skool . It was really overdramatic he was arrested i believe because the cop got mad that he refused him and because he was passing out promo flyers


  21. From Tokyo

    Very mature. >_> Score another point for us black folks. smh


  22. greg

    Ok fuck the police they always harrasing people a


  23. Black Thug Rolline 60's

    Police never fuck with me cause I don’t break no laws. You idiots don’t realize the next time someone rapes your mom, kills your dad, and robs you, you will cry for the fuckin cops. Ya a few might be assholes, but if you aint breaking the law they wont fuck with you, if you dont like the law then legislate for change or move to another country you pussies. Tyler is an emotional train wreck with daddy issues. He looks like a 35 year old pedophile dressed in 14 yr old kids clothes.


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