Review Roundup: Tyler, the Creator – ‘Goblin’


Odd Future mastermind Tyler, the Creator unleashes havoc on the music industry with his much-buzzed-about commercial debut Goblin, landing in stores today. On the 73-minute set, the 20-year-old L.A. native stalks a girl as she showers (“She”), stabs Bruno Mars (“Yonkers”), and boldly conveys his sexual fantasies (“Bitch Suck Dick”). Did the critics award or abhor his outrageous behavior? Find out below.

The New York Times: Goblin is spiteful, internal, confident, vitriolic, vividly bruised stuff, a shocking—and shockingly good—album that bears little resemblance to contemporary hip-hop. It has more in common with the stark, thick-with-feelings independent rap of the mid-to-late-1990s and also the improbably rich-sounding minimalism of the Neptunes in the early 2000s.

The Washington Post: Goblin doubles as a Rorschach test, challenging listeners’ assumptions about acceptable levels of misogyny, homophobia, and violence. But Goblin needs to be better than it is shocking and, too often, it isn’t. It’s skate rat torture porn, riveting in its best moments, unlistenable in its worst, and ultimately closer to Saw II than to Scarface.

SPIN: Is the entire thing about 20 minutes too long? Probably. But the obvious lack of outside meddling proves that Tyler’s auteur status remains intact. He is, in the parlance of our times, still swaggin’. 8/10

Chicago Tribune: He tries to make the most of his opportunity. Goblin depicts Tyler as a tangle of contradictions: volatile, humorous, moody, needy, even vulnerable. 2.5/4

BBC Music: Goblin is old school for a new generation, a passion-fuelled breath of fresh air from the stale sea of radio friendly, over-produced and clichéd rap. It goes to prove you can’t box in Tyler, because you really don’t know where he’ll go next.

The A.V. Club: Even more than Tyler’s 2009 debut Bastard, Goblin has stretches of virtuosic inspiration amid patches of extreme self-indulgence. At 73 minutes, it’s overlong, occasionally repetitious, and sometimes detestably juvenile, yet those excesses do little to detract from the raw talent on display. B+

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Yonkers,” “She,” “Her,” “Golden”

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  1. Me

    LMAO @ skate rat torture porn


  2. EmAyDee

    This album is iLL all in all.


  3. listen

    first week numbers will show if all that buzz was hype.


  4. Noringtone

    This album was great.


  5. Sleazy

    Ths is the worst thng that happend to music! hw do you build a hype by makn fun of other succesful artist NEXT


    Ughhh Reply:

    @Sleazy, Because the successful artists are SUCCESSFUL with no talent whatsoever!


  6. EmAyDee

    This album is basically the equivalent to what hip hop used to be. Simplistic beats with just dope lyricism. Everyone is looking for a catchy hook and dope beat. That’s good if your looking for something to cruise to. But if you want something to appreciate, go out and cop this.


    M.N.A. Reply:

    @EmAyDee, Nicely said! Took the words out of my mouth.


  7. Michael



  8. Mr Xclusive

    this is so f-ing retarded


  9. tylerrrtc

    i was so dissapointed in this… beats were lame and it was jsut him talking most of the time… lyrics are the only reason i listen.. other then that just extremely dissapointing :(


  10. Trina

    He’s an atheist with a demonic perception on life. I can’t listen to that garbage


  11. RacecaR

    I know that most people don’t care anymore and that they are going to curse me out for saying this stuff. No wonder this country is messed up, when people listen to this kind of music with profanity, sexual garbage and violence, they think it is all right. First of all don’t give me that crap about freedom of speech, freedom of speech is not about behaving or acting like this, if the founding fathers who wrote the freedom of speech found out that it would end up like this they would be devastated. When I look at the kids today they all have filthy things coming out of their mouth with no respect for anyone, sleeping around with everyone, no wonder half of them are suffering from STD’s and other sexual diseases. This kind of crap has to stop, again I know you want to curse or beat the hell out of me, but I know that there are still decent people out there who think that this kind of stuff Is wrong and it is wrong. We have taken freedom of speech and threw it in a toilet ball with raw sewage swimming around it. The way society is going the way it is (Lack of respect, STD’s, Violence, Divorces, anything goes and nothing is wrong any more) imagine how bad it is going to be in another 25 years, we have to change our ways and become decent with high morals or this country is going to go down. Again I know most of you reading this don’t give a crap and are laughing at me really hard, but that’s the truth.


  12. Bob

    @RacecaR, I agree with what ur saying to an extent. These are very raw feelings, but you can’t go to the light if you dont see the darkness and you can’t go away from the darkness if you don’t see the light. I am against his atheism, but as an art it is appealing in it’s own right. You’ve probably never asked your mom what rape is and be told to shut-up. Tyler is someone struggling with his demons, wether he sees it that way, with no help. So he goes absolutely raw and wild.


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