Video: Black Eyed Peas – ‘Don’t Stop the Party’

Don't Stop the Party

The Black Eyed Peas keep the party going in the video for “Don’t Stop the Party,” the third single from The Beginning. The Ben Mor-directed clip was shot while the quartet was on tour and features, Fergie,, and Taboo trekking through South America with live concert footage.

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  1. andy

    i kneeew this was going to be a single !!!


  2. ash

    ughhh…whatever happened to b.e.p of their first two albums :(

    just can’t get enough was decent enough but im so sick of this dance shiz…


    .. Reply:

    @ash, More like their first 4 albums! behind the front, bridging the gap, elephunk, and monkey business were and still are great, The E.N.D. was okay, and the beginning is trasH!


    KMart Reply:

    @.., totally agree!! n whats this im hearing that will n fergie had beef n she is leaving the group?… or is that jus lies?


  3. sagb

    i hate these type of concert type videos


  4. Heminem

    I didnt like it at the start, but after i was half way through i loved it.

    seeing all the back stage stuff is cool, with their plane, and fergie workin out!


  5. weezay

    even tho the album was good, but its was like a Will.I.Am solo album!!! but im a will fan so i liked it :P but i realy wanted more taboo verses


  6. Natalia

    omg..What is it?!I hate..:(


  7. Miniblock

    lmfao….. these guys are crap….
    they need to quit music


  8. T.I. Supporter

    @MiniBlock they do not need to quit music. There awesome!


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