Videos: Soulja Boy – ‘Juice’ + ‘Zan With That Lean’

Soulja Boy serves up two videos from his latest mixtape Juice. In the visuals for the title track, which has also inspired a remake of Tupac’s film, the 20-year-old MC rocks Pac’s haircut from the 1992 crime drama while rapping in front of a red Bentley GT. He later takes it to the hood for a block party in the colorful video for “Zan With That Lean.”

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  1. Deak-in

    Wonder how long it will take for all the haters to comment..

    Juice mixtape is pretty tight, Zan With That Lean has potential to be a big summer hit.


  2. EmAyDee

    My kid sister can spit better flows then this. Biggest regret is downloading his mixtape. The only thing he had going for his music before is making club tracks, now this kid is trying to be a studio G. Lol Dang, i’m sorry soulja but this is pretty wack.


  3. MON



  4. Sharp Tongue

    I’m a 50/50 Soulja Boy fan some I like, some I don’t, but this remake to “Juice” i’m looking forward to seein’.


  5. lady gaga /blanco forever

    this shit is funny in a sad way


  6. ed

    wow i really tried to give soulja boy another chance with this lol but this is horrible, as usual from him


  7. LOL

    Youd think that after his brothers tragic passing he’d take time off to be with family for a while but he insists on making a fool of himself.


  8. Miniblock

    lmfao at his career tbh


  9. WTF

    That ish was horrible, anybody who thinks that’s good is obviously don’t know good music. Sorry Soulja Boy take that crap back to the lab


  10. Name Here

    trying to crate another crank that but failed his entire carrer is flop


  11. kryst



  12. T.I. Supporter

    Stfu haters, Soulja makes good music


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