Kanye West Seizes the Moment at MoMA

Kanye West

Kanye West exhibited his musical masterpiece, performing at the 2011 MoMA Party in the Garden Benefit at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City last night. Dressed casually in a gray hoodie and ripped jeans, Yeezy mixed art with the sounds of his critically-acclaimed album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy before a well-dressed crowd of 1,000 attendees.

“For most of the 45 or so minutes that he’d been onstage, Mr. West had been moody, dour, even irritated at points, a star who enthralled even at low wattage,” wrote The New York Times, which also noted his “harsh” cover of Stevie Wonder’s “They Won’t Go When I Go.”

But his mood changed when big brother Jay-Z joined him onstage for the finale of “H•A•M” and “Empire State of Mind,” putting a smile on his somber face.

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    ewwww @ that vid. I love how the person recorded the bad part and still uploaded it lol. Eh he killed it at coachella so i guess this was just an off day


    thecool Reply:

    @Phoenix_Wright, Yeah his Coachella preformance was epic


  2. James

    LOL @ kanye singing….stop it B. and Y is he dressed like hes headed to the grocery store? My dude was moody because he forgot to take his midol this morning. He was like “ugh, i feel fat”…sensitive lookin boy.!!


  3. weezay



  4. UltraKid

    James is mad because Kanye makes better music than his favorite artist.


  5. Meg

    I was at this show and Kanye was awesome throughout. The Times got it wrong. It looks like they were looking for something with which to be disappointed.


  6. Matt

    It’s G.O.O.D. to see my hero getting the respect he deserves.! :)


  7. fizzle

    mmmmmm……Yeezy…(bites lip)


  8. h8ermagnet

    yeezy taught’em


  9. Heminem

    He always gives such invested performances. he leaves everything on stage.


  10. ms

    what does his necklace say?


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