New Music: Omarion – ‘The Awakening’ [Mixtape]

The Awakening

Omarion wipes the slate clean with his DJ Drama-hosted mixtape The Awakening. The 19-track collection, which he likens to a studio album, features appearances from YG (“Fall in Love”), Rye Rye over the Diplo-sampled “Clap Yo Hands,” Method Man on “Luke Skywalker (Bullshittin’),” and Lil Wayne on the previously leaked “Komfort.”

The Awakening is about a new beginning. It’s about a new everything,” the former B2K member told Rap-Up TV. “I feel refreshed from everything that I’ve been through up until now. Omarion’s a new man, Omarion’s a different person. It’s time to create new history.”

Follow Omarion as he sets sail on his new journey.

Download: Omarion – The Awakening

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  1. ..

    I love how Omarion used the Clap Your Hands Diplo remix by Sia, it kinda works. Rye Rye too! Can’t wait for her album


  2. Gucci3

    O is going hard with his New Mixtape.. LOVE IT… O is Back… jeahhhhh


  3. Lisa

    Finally, this mixtape is hot! O is doing his thing!


  4. Deneegnog

    Are you kidding me? smdh
    This cover… Lloyd’s cover… corny as f^@$#


  5. Gronicks

    Corny cover.


    Deneegnog Reply:

    @Gronicks, I just said that.


    Gronicks Reply:

    @Deneegnog, Sorry, I was eating some corn.


  6. TheOne

    I wasn’t expecting this to be good, but i’m only halfway through it and have to say it’s fire. Much better than his album.


  7. Trey S

    that’s kinda sad to see him doing a mixtape…
    whatever, i love his music so I hope that it’s gonna go the CB way…


  8. MeloRockstarr

    Dont count O out. Im glad he didnt just give up.


  9. Keneef

    OMG!!! ONE IN A MILLION needs to RIP in peace with AALIAYAH! aka be left the fuck alone!

    OMARION should’ve left that track alone!!!! He sounds a horrid trifling mess singing this song!!!! Anyone who says otherwise is tone deaf and dumb!


    ARNIECE Reply:

    @Keneef, SPEAK AND PRACH!!!!!


  10. Keneef

    One in a million O really??? U are an epicfail aka epic flop!


    DRAKE Reply:



  11. Ice

    He’s only paying homage to her, chill. Yall said the same thing about The-Dream’s cover. The original song is still available to listen to, a remake doesn’t replace the original, it opens new listeners to potentially discover the song if they have never heard it. Covers like this and other forms of homage are what keeps her relevant. I respect Omarion for that.


  12. Jay

    Pretty good! I love Guilty and Komfort!


  13. Jay

    Oh and Forgot About LOve


  14. Drew

    hot mixtape….wackass cover.


  15. tug

    stop hating s###erz that mixtpe iz dope… Yall dumb haters shut up


  16. Mrs.Khalifa

    I’m actually digging this mixtape and i don’t think that the one in a million homage song is that bad.He actually did it better than most people would have.I’m loving Omarion’s mixtape and i’m looking forward to more new music from him.


  17. Keneef

    1st off ain’t no one hatin I’m speaking the truth. If I wanted to hear some one butcher Aaliyah songs I will go to YouTube. Omarion is wack “point blank period” for the remake. If I wanted to hate on him I would talk bout his wackass mixtape cover or the fact that his career is over… But I won’t do that cause that would be mean. If you wanna pay homage you gotta come correct! His vocals on that track are all over the place. He sounds like he got the flu and nasally. Which is all I am saying it’s a cute gesture however its an epic fail. Respect Aaliyahs memory and leave her song the FUCK alone if you ain’t gonna Bring it O


  18. imsaying

    what is so bad about the mixtape cover? its probably just a bunch of lil boys commenting on the mixtape cover because they cant get women. this cover is clearly for the women so get over it. its very symbolic and makes sense to the mixtape title. its hot and so is the mixtape.


  19. Keneef



  20. J Good

    Omarion made a hard mixtape he brought a lot heat to his name for this!


  21. Alexis



  22. Keneef

    Ok, my bad… Im just a lame who loves to argue invalid points and make myself look like a dumb ass. I was wrong in saying O’s career is “over” because I dont know shit about music like that and hate to see past talent resurrect itself.

    P.S- Im a genuine negative hater.


  23. deluan1234

    I’m sorry but I got to say since when did aliyah become a great singer yeah she had great songs but she was never considered a great singer never will be put on a list as a legend I dnt know anyone who’s old school even recognise her but as the 80′s we are. ( Omarion) we represent our generation and omarion has done it flawlessly he is like 26-27 he’s grown and extremely successful ppl have always hated him even his band members too bad I’m a fan and the song is dope as hell tell me anyone who could have done better and ill believe u


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