New Music: Wiz Khalifa f/ Chevy Woods and Neako – ‘Chuck’ (‘John’ Remix)

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa christens his new home studio with his take on Lil Wayne and Rick Ross’ “John” featuring Chevy Woods and Neako. “If I die today, remember me like Jimi Hendrix/ Butt-ass nekkid covered in all bad bitches,” raps the Taylor Gang chief, before his partners in rhyme lace the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League beat with their own verses. You’ve met “John,” now get to know “Chuck.”

Wiz Khalifa – “Chuck” f/ Chevy Woods and Neako

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  1. Roger



  2. MARTHA_Romans Mother



  3. Mr Xclusive

    this is horrible smh


    StarsRblind Reply:

    @Mr Xclusive, I wouldn’t say it’s horrible, but…well I can see where you’re coming from.


  4. mike

    how do you download the song


  5. Simone

    Lol are you guys deaf. How can you think this is amazing. I’m a fan of Wiz, but this is a complete fail. “Niggas actin mushy, like cat food.” Really tho? Cabin Fever was awesome, but this here needs to be left for the gangster rappers. And did he really call himself Wizzle at the end? Stop ittttt…


  6. Mrs.Khalifa

    Everything Wiz do is good to me.I wanna see one of yall do better.EXACTLY! So stop saying it’s not amazing when you couldn’t even make it presentable
    -___- Undercover Fans.


  7. CurT

    I fucks wit it Wiz…”if I died today remember me like Jimmy Hendrix…..Butt ass naked covered in all Bad Bitches” C’mon haters, stop it!


  8. cththug

    @Simone, hes been sayin wizzle since forever tho


  9. Up

    Wiz need to stop swagga jackin yanking other peoples raps and callin it his own smh #fact #fallback


  10. Tyran

    You know this aint even that good hope this aint the FULL complete version, not enuff energy for me but ayy thats just me.. try again


  11. bob the builder

    im a wiz fan but this is garbage dont try in make a remix of lil wayne songs never will b on his level


  12. dvonda taylor

    First lil wayne is garbage , his songs basically sound the same and his lyrics are recycled . Second wiz khalifa ain’t the “best” but he sure as hell is better then lil wayne who makes songs that make no sense . That song “young money” by lil wayne is horrible its trash . Wiz khalifa is G for making this song y’all is just some haters .


  13. rico acevedo

    i love it ya’ll niggas need ta stop hatin


  14. rico acevedo

    yall need ta stop hattin on a nigga


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