Rap-Up TV: Omarion Talks New Beginnings, Fashion Idols, & Hottest Women in Music

Omarion is starting anew. The R&B singer unleashes his DJ Drama-hosted mixtape The Awakening today, ushering in the next chapter in his career. Rap-Up TV met up with the former B2K member in Hollywood as he was performing Justin Timberlake’s “Señorita” on piano. After laying it down on the keys, he spoke on why he wanted to give away free music to his fans, collaborating with Method Man on “Luke Skywalker (Bullshittin’),” and moving on from the past.

The Awakening is about a new beginning. It’s about a new everything,” explained O, kicking back in a red sweater and white Gucci loafers. “I have a new team behind me. I feel refreshed from everything that I’ve been through up until now. Omarion’s a new man, Omarion’s a different person. It’s time to create new history.”

The dapper crooner also shared the three rappers whose style he admires and the five hottest chicks in the game. Can you guess who made his list?

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  1. Rihannastann!

    1st..Beyonce and Rihanna of course!need new music O!-Dex


  2. tug

    these dude deserve… I apreciate they music style… He need 2 continue… Omarion is talented… But got much people hating him i dont know why people do things like… Guys lets leave thes guy entertain us… Hes good dancer and musician 2 the mixtape will dope… I allready fell… Peace O… Dont stop neva…


  3. tee-tee

    i like O and his music. Much success to him and his future endeavors
    * da bitch side of me: please stop sayin Umm so much that shyt is umm ANNOYIN lol.
    now Im off to download that mxtp


  4. JFenty

    Rihanna and Beyonce of Course!


  5. RAH RAH

    Of course he named Rihanna!!:) & shout out to Ciara, too. I’m gonna download the mixtape. O is underrated. He deserves a little more recognition than he gets!


  6. jeremydante

    he needs to stop fronting, “oh, nicki minaj” that’s like automatic. he shaded a few artists though, i had expected him to say gaga. no one can deny her presence in music right now.


    realforsure Reply:



    jeremydante Reply:

    @realforsure, [?]


  7. CiCi

    of course Beyonce, Rihanna, & Ciara ! <3


  8. Brett

    Gaga, Birtney, Adele, even Ke$ha? You can’t deny they are killing it right now. But I was happy he said Nicki.


  9. tiffany smith

    I guess nicki minaj on everybody mind now days teamminaj at the top bitches lol


  10. Yaser Lad

    Bullshit. Rihanna can’t sing!!!


  11. Boi

    Im trying to figure out what haircut that is its tight


  12. Shruti

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