Chris Brown Shoots ‘Better With the Lights Off’ Video with New Boyz [Photos]

Chris Brown

Chris Brown stole the spotlight on the set of “Better With the Lights Off,” his Cataracs-produced collaboration with the New Boyz for their upcoming album Too Cool to Care. A blond and tatted Breezy filmed his scenes on Wednesday (May 11) in a Los Angeles neighborhood, wearing yellow BBC ice cream bar jersey shorts, a Rocksmith Ninjas tank top, black sneakers, and red hat. He is gearing up to shoot a video for his F.A.M.E. cut “Next to You” with Justin Bieber. Check out the first on-set pics from “Lights Out” below.

Chris Brown Chris Brown Chris Brown

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    those shorts are cool/lame @ the same time lol. I like em but then I don’t.

    looks like he had fun tho


    Brixonne Reply:

    @Phoenix_Wright, haha I know right but they’re defenitly “Ice Cream” by Pharell


    Heminem Reply:

    @Phoenix_Wright, I know! I want a pair. But i dont think id ever wear em


    Thomas D Reply:

    @Phoenix_Wright, where can i get these shorts im looking every where, even if they are fake i want some SO BAD!


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @Thomas D, they are named BBC Ice Cream Bar Jersey shorts. I don’t see a link online of where you can get them, but the bbc (billionaire boys club) is the clothing line that makes them.


  2. Ethan



  3. Laura

    SEXY…thats MY MAN


  4. Stre3t Danc@


  5. GEO



  6. precious97

    he’s so cute I’m loving those shorts they’re silly but sweet. I love to see him smiling, it makes me feel happy ILY BREEZY!!!!


  7. Jay

    Sweet! I’ll be lookin out for that Next To You video. That might be my favorite cut from his album.


  8. Fred S.

    LOL…Chris looks higher than gas prices!


  9. Haters Stay Pressed!!

    LMAO! Chris I love you boo but what you got on?! LMAO! I cannot believe he wore those shorts! I hope these are just pics of him on set and he deosn’t actually wear those in the video. Why does he always were hat and cover up the blonde hair? It’s like he doesn’t want us to see it! His facial expressions slay me!

    I am not a fan of the New Boyz at all, but I do like this song. I’ll check out the video but I am more interested in the ‘Next To You’ video. I hope Colin doesn’t disappoint it cause this single has the potential to be a really big hit and the video MUST live up to the hype! *fingers crossed*


  10. younguv

    loook @T chris’s eys they look super red


  11. Aristelle

    Yhu kno yhu a sexcii mofo when yhu got on a effin ninja tshirt with sum mississippi mud shorts & shaameless:) still luv him do


  12. sahirah



  13. WonderLand19

    That blond hair is HOT on him!!!

    I need to learn to control myself! :)


  14. Anonymous

    Lol those shorts are so weird/cute/random/lame at the same time but on him they just look good for some reason. His facial expressions are cute! He is always making weird faces lol.

    Better With The Lights Off is my song! Love it <3


  15. Reyyan

    he looks so cute ♥ I’m in love with him ♥


  16. bencia aloka

    you are so hott. i love you so much :) <3


  17. bencia aloka

    you are so cute.i want you so you <3 fuck me :)


  18. maya

    Those shorts threw me the hell off! lmao but I’ll be watching for CB & CB only.


  19. sugartarx

    those shorts would look better with the lights off LOL …..<3 u chris


  20. tia

    chris brown lookin good


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