New Music: Tinie Tempah f/ Ester Dean – ‘Love Suicide’

Tinie Tempah and Ester Dean

“What happens when the hourglass of love runs out/ Under one roof of one house/ And everything becomes so cold?” asks Tinie Tempah on “Love Suicide,” his emotionally-charged duet with Ester Dean off his U.S. debut Disc-Overy (May 17). The British lyricist opens up about a failed relationship over a guitar-laced melody from Stargate, while a fragile Dean expresses her pain, singing, “I’m all out of tears/ Tell me get out of here/ You made it very clear/ You did it on purpose.”

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  1. LindseyMari

    I feel like I’ve heard this before? I think.


    @TeyanaSkyrock Reply:

    @LindseyMari, Yes first she recoreded that song with Chris Brown!


  2. deee

    yeah with CB.. :) this song is killing everything


  3. musichead

    i havent listened yet but i chris brown wrote on this one! i
    remember when the demo leaked


  4. Billionaire

    Sounds like “Love The Way You Lie” especially with the beat!


    Hmm. Reply:

    @Billionaire, it does but I like it.


  5. Phoenix_Wright

    I liked the other version better. On this version they cut the hook short and only had the long hook at the end. And she went in on the other one. Not into Tinie, and the beat changed in a bad way


  6. Brixonne

    Yes… I always wanted this song to be released with Ester and Chris. This is cool. But I still like the Original demo version.


  7. tifanyyyy

    the version with Chris Brown was better

    i say dat because for me dat version became epic, a classic
    so it’s dificult to see another song


  8. c1

    Im so mad cause her version with chris brown gose hard not this …..1 word Wack!


  9. AFemmeFATALE

    i prefer the version with CB!!!!!!


  10. Trey S

    don’t like this version… the guitar and the drums try to much to recreate this “love the way you lie” vibe…

    chris’s version AND beat was way better :/

    (still good though)


  11. Malyeh

    Sorry but no. The original was wayyyyyy better smh


  12. chanel

    this song was originally recorded with Chris Brown. It sounded better with him.


  13. Heminem

    Love it.

    But really dispointed that its Tinie not CB.
    CB kills!


  14. Eric

    Tinie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CB


  15. Addie

    Original is way better.. This version ruins it.


  16. Cindy

    Love this track! Tinie is just a sensational artist. Just got the US version of “Disc-Overy” the other day and I have to admit, at least in my opinion, it is one of the best albums of the year. Not a dull track on the album. I’ve had it on repeat since it released at midnight. 5 stars Tinie! Keep it up! Can’t wait to see how you top “Disc-Overy”! :)


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