Nicki Minaj Brings Out the Stars at Samsung Infuse 4G Launch

Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Hudson

Nicki Minaj ran into her Oscar-winning Barb Jennifer Hudson at the launch party for the Samsung Infuse 4G for AT&T at Milk Studios in Los Angeles on Thursday (May 12). The ladies shared their admiration for one another with Nicki previously tweeting, “Jennifer Hudson is nothing short of the TRUTH.”

The Young Money raptress was cute as could be in leggings, a cropped blue jacket, blonde bob, and newsboy cap, holding a Louis Vuitton bag. She changed before hitting the stage with her dancers to reprise her famous lap dance for one lucky fella. Ciara and Kelly Rowland were among those who caught a glimpse of the peep show.

Earlier in the evening, Nicki was honored as NARM’s “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” at the 2011 NARM Music Business Convention Awards dinner finale. She will present at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, airing live on June 5.

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  1. CiaCho0207

    Pięknie :D ohh Nicki ;*


  2. Adam

    Nicki must love humping her fans. wish i could switch places with that guy for a sec.


  3. Spec

    WOW Kelly looks absolutely SPECTACULAR!


  4. BitchesIsMySons

    Watch The Haters Come In And Say Something Rude


  5. Heminem

    Nicki looks as fashionable as ever!
    JHud looks beautiful.

    Kelly looks hotter ever day.
    Ciara is always incredible


  6. Sharp Tongue

    All of the ladies are beautiful mad sexy i’m feeling that short bob on, Nicki cute. Kelly has been killin’ it lately Ciara has a sick’ning body J Hud flawless.


  7. bri_bre

    Nicki Looks Great Its So Chill Very Casual I Love Her Outfit & Hair and miss jennifer hudson is working that new body :) and speaking of bodies (no homo) but i forreal want ciara’s legs lol


  8. Love it

    S/O to Jennifer Hudson-_-


  9. sunshinehaze

    Nicki looks Cute, Kinda remind of Keri hilson for some reason

    Kelly Rowland is finally getting the shine she deserves

    Jennifer Hudson looks so happy, Proud for her.

    Ciara, looks good.


  10. st

    I love them all,beautiful ladies.Go Nicki and do your thing.LOVE.


  11. minajje twat



  12. Dough

    ciara looks beautiful


  13. Daniel

    “Pięknie :D ohh Nicki ;*” Polacy…. kocham mój Naród!!! Jesteśmy dosłownie wszędzie!! :*

    Jennifer Judson jest piękna :)


  14. RDK

    all looks good,and my girl Nicki lock it down.


  15. 2XCL

    Finally nicki decides to look normal and not like a damn clown with those obnoxious wigs.


  16. Dave

    Nicki looks nice, but I’m not a fan of that wig. Ciara looks nice, but I’m not liking her front, it looks a lil ragged, & the make up kinda makes her look orange. Kelly looks gorgeous, & I think Soundz & Ciara would make a cute couple. Jennifer looks good & simple


  17. dan

    ciara and kelly so hot


  18. Phoenix_Wright

    Everyone looked good! Especially Ciara & Kelly


  19. Kayla

    Iam so sick of Nicki Minaj


  20. edue

    Who cares if your sick? Get a cure.


  21. beamer

    Ciara looks AMAZING!

    Nicki looks great too!

    Kelly looks good!

    J-Hud looks good!

    I love these ladies!


  22. humbled Ciara Stan

    Yeesss for Ms. Ciara. Always looking flawless!



  23. Charles

    Jhud looking as gorgeous as ever!


  24. Fri13GuessWhosPLayinJason

    nicki looks s skinny and cute- longer looks better but short is a nice change- much better than the marge simpson :] oh ya and nicki haters peace out we all love her you sad lil wannabes


  25. FucKim

    nIcKi! aHh! gUrL y0u l00kin gReAt!!


  26. Kim=lame

    l00kin gReAt mIsS nIcKki!


  27. Sleazy



  28. NickiMarag

    The short bob is too much Keri Hilson. Lose it.


  29. Marcelo

    Brazil Love’s Ciara


  30. Sleazy

    @Marcelo, South africa to!


  31. JP

    Love Nicki


  32. ken

    while keri is running around chasing Ciara’s crown, nicki is stealing everything she should be getting. keri is stupid.


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