Diddy Spends Daddy Time with His Kids

Diddy and daughters

Sean “Diddy” Combs wears many hats, but his most important role is father. Having just wrapped his “Coming Home” tour, the Bad Boy mogul enjoyed some family time with his children at the Westfield shopping mall in Century City, Calif., over the weekend.

The doting dad carried his four-and-a-half-year-old twin daughters D’Lila Star Combs and Jessie James Combs in his arms while taking them to eat and get balloons. His son Christian also tagged along. The 13-year-old appears to be following in his father’s footsteps, recently rocking the stage with his pops at Dirty Money’s L.A. show.

Check out more pics of Diddy on daddy duty below.

Photo credit: Fame

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  1. UltraKid

    Sean Combs >>>>


  2. RDK



  3. I hate love

    Why they look so regular?
    There hair not done,this low
    Standard I expected more from


    Dreffo Reply:

    @I hate love, shallow bitch.


    bri_bre Reply:

    @Dreffo, right i didnt know the kids were going to the grammys i mean that was completely rude to say like for me i dont care about making fun of celebs but leave the kids out of it cause thats just disrespectful atleast he makes time for his kids


  4. fizzle

    idc, you got a hell of a lot of money and you let the children look under budget. He did all this just to pose for pictures.


    Music Reply:

    @fizzle, Well how are thwy supposed to look like, if you ask me they actually look cute. You fail to look at the fact that he’s a dad that’s taking responsibility of the fact he has kids and isn’t off partying and forgetting about them like some other celebrity parents who shall remain nameless


    alexander Reply:

    @fizzle, @Dreffo , Funny, i bet you would still being talking if they were over pampered right? thought so. i may not like diddy as an “artist” in recent years but atleast he’s not making fun of YOUR kids…but then again you’d have to fatham the thought of a creatures like you mating…disgusting


  5. Heminem

    Why does that baby mama live in LA?

    The kids are dressed fine! They’re kids not celebs.

    Diddy is scared of that dog!


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