Jennifer Lopez’s Mic Goes Out at Wango Tango [Video]

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was firing up the crowd with her hit single “On the Floor” at KIIS FM’s Wango Tango in L.A. on Saturday night when her mic and sound suddenly cut out. But ever the professional, she and her dancers kept going like nothing happened, encouraging the audience to sing along. When the technical issues were finally resolved, she said, “We ain’t gonna let that get us down, right? Nobody keeps mama down.” Damn right.

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  1. Josh

    Ouch! Someone got fired!


  2. joejpaige

    When all else fails… Shake that ass!


  3. bri_bre

    “nobody keeps momma down” lol yes j.lo you handled that like a pro you aint miss a beat and you entertained us with some freestyle dancing i was pleased and the fact that you did the song all over for us was so appreciated love ya j.lo


  4. She stinks!

    This untalented mess was lip syncing – she got busted! haha! its about time she was exposed for the fraud she is. Fake!


    AustynKing Reply:

    @She stinks!, NOOOOO! If you had any type of common sense you woulda noticed that the whole peformance audio sound equipment went out in the main speakers that give sound to the arena! That’s why the DRUMMER kept playing & she kept singing because she has a thing called “IN EAR MONITORS!” The people one the stage all have them but there was no sound to go out to the arena becuz a tech messed it up or the power gave out! So she was REALLY SINGING! But you probably don’t have a clue about this stuff cuz of the ignorant comment you made! LOL!


    Dante Reply:

    @She stinks!,

    Clearly you didnt get the memo. her mic went OFF, that means, she couldn’t sing live. her music went out to, so she couldnt even lip sync if she wanted, which she wasn’t.

    Maybe you should think about what you’re saying b4 you speak next time….. dumb ass.


    Samantha Reply:



    Yob Reply:

    @Dante, It was LIVE, and her mic was ON.Because she said “Come on LA You know what you have to do” just before this drama.


    Trac-E Reply:

    @She stinks!, wow your an idiot her mic went off and she didn’t even loose a step and she perfomed the whole thing over after things got situated.. Like a real DIVA… scurrr


  5. Orlando

    And She Still Did Her Shyt….Go JLo Go JLo Go!!!!!!!!


  6. DaBxDon

    I was there…she went in..get em J-Lo aka the hottest chick in the game


  7. meme

    they did a great job. JLOVE


  8. jennifer

    She is so great! I am sad i happened but I am glad she performed again and looked gorgeous as she did it!


  9. Harvey

    Shit…She didn’t know the music stopped that’s a true performer.Oh my gosh her body fucking banging !!!


  10. oso_jo_ro

    she’s fucking HOT, and a fucking PRO!
    she handled it perfectly!


  11. oso_jo_ro

    what a pro!
    she’s the best!


  12. Real Issh

    If she HAD some talent , she wouldn’t worry about thee technical issues . That’s why she asked the crowd to sing along . Basically so that her real voice wouldn’t be shown . Queen goinn show them May 22 .


    Harvey Reply:

    @Real Issh, Wow really come on do you know how many people have been dieing to see J.Lo live (Tamar voice).com


    Rosie Reply:

    @Harvey, yes. Im sure a lot of ppl would LIKE to see a JLo performance, but it was pointless for you to stress that ppl are DYING (in your exact words)Maybe YOU are dying to see her. Stop speaking for everybody else and only speak for yourself. If you’re not willing to sound sensible, than jus shut up because at the end of the day, you are the one lookin like a fool, not the ppl you call yourself speaking up for. ONLY YOU! Oh, and have a great time DYING to see that performance #sillycharacter.


  13. Keepin' it real

    She’s a true performer. Now if that was beyonce, she would’ve looked awkwardly confused.


    jayMONEY Reply:

    @Keepin’ it real, Kill yourself. Beyonce S-H-I-T-S. i don’t understand why you feel like you have you have to down play someone else’s talent when something happens to one of your favs. it ain’t that serious. anyway, j-lo is a performer and she handled it well but no, j-lo is not a singer. beyonce is a singer, a dancer, a performer and an all around showman.


    RayRay Reply:

    @jayMONEY, hmmmm i dnt think i hear Beyonce’s “Who Run The World” on the radio…guess the all around showman cant get away with such a shit song. and ive seen beyonce perform and she is too over the top.
    Its J.lo’s time now, move over Beyonce


    Keepin' it real Reply:

    @jayMONEY, This has nothing to do with downplaying someone else’s talent. It’s about who is more skillful at handling situations that occurs on stage.


  14. Wow

    Wow. Jlo fans are deep in denial. Seriously? If that had been whitney or Mariah they would have all negative comments to say. But since it’s miss studio magic girl she gets a Pass? Hypocrites. Jlo is beautiful but she not a singers. Real talk. Look at her latest sales. Nobody wants to hear her albums.


  15. She Be Killin EM

    JLO kept it going like a fkn PRO. NOBODY KEEPS MAMA DOWN!!!!. Thats right JLO.


  16. FPI

    JLO is such a pro! Go Mami!!!


  17. RayRay

    J.lo is a friggin pro! she owned that stage…and when the malfunction happened she didn’t freak out and leave the stage (like some one who supposedly constantly displays diva-behavior would do), she stayed there and pumped up the crowd, and then killed with a powerful hyped up LIVE performance!
    She looked gorgeous, she sang amazing and killed the performance!
    Go J.Lo! Best entertainer out there!


  18. Geo

    uuummm all these negative comments are not necessary cuz the sound completely went out including the mics! So there was nothing she could do but dance! She handle it like a pro!(Not a Big J.Lo Fan either) You ppl kill me kno you facts b4 you start taking S###…


  19. Marlon

    She sounds amazing live. Great performance. Hope she will do a world tour. Her voice is really ready for some live gigs. GREAT! J-Lo 10 years ago couldn’t do that.

    Amazing how her voice changed. She really practized hard.

    Love her new album and want her to see live on stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. Regina

    For you idiots that don’t believe she was lip syncing…I was in the first row… about 10 feet away from her. when the music went out, she kept “singing”, yet we couldn’t hear her voice at all…not a single sound. Yet, immediately after she finished, we could hear her saying “c’mon!”. So how were we able to hear her say that but not her singing?


    celeste Reply:

    @Regina, you go up there and sing mkk


  21. celeste

    I was there actually she handled it really really well. my freind thought it was part of the show but you could kinda tell she was really stressed out. no she kept dancing and singing even tho no one could hear. and then when the sound came back on she and pitbull redid the whole song.


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