Cali Swag District Rapper M-Bone Killed in Drive-By Shooting


Cali Swag District has experienced a series of highs with their ubiquitous single “Teach Me How to Dougie,” but the group lost one of its own on Sunday. M-Bone, one-fourth of the Los Angeles-based quartet, was the victim of a drive-by shooting.

The 22-year-old rapper, born Montae Talbert, was fatally shot next to his car outside a liquor store at 11:32 p.m. in Inglewood, Calif. The shooting appears to be a random act of violence, law enforcement officials tell TMZ.

The shooter was reportedly driving down La Brea Avenue in a red Mustang when he opened fire. The vehicle left the scene, but later returned, almost as if to make sure the victim was dead. After being fired at twice from close range, he was taken to UCLA Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

“Ma life changed drastically in the. Blink of an eye rip mbone,” tweeted his fellow member Smoove Da General. “I’m crushed…jus seen Ma Ni**a on the news…idk wat to think or say…I’m hurting man real talk.”

Inglewood detectives are investigating, but it appears that M-Bone was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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  1. TeamBey&Rih

    Very sad situation rest in peace Mbone.


  2. @JayTrigz

    R.I.P nd God Bless Your Loved Ones At This Very Sad Time


  3. bri_bre

    This Shit Gotta Stop r.i.p. m-bone i had a poster of you in my dorm last year lol


  4. Ice

    Why are violence and guns declared “cool” by people in today’s time? I can’t believe some people actually get a thrill from killing someone, I hope they burn in hell. R.I.P. M-Bone, another casualty from ignorance.


  5. gaga/blanco

    this shit is sad all in the name of beef nicki and kim needs to stop it otherwise some one might get hurt


  6. Lisa

    This makes me upset and angry at the same time. Never heard of M-Bone, so I am not going to act like I am this huge fan that is going to miss him forever, but all of this useless violence is not neccesary AT ALL. Come on, WHEN are we gonna learn? May this man rest in peace. Another life lost, that could have been prevented, if someone would’nt have pulled the trigger.


  7. dsfjsdf

    omg he was my fav dougier


    Neickha Reply:

    @dsfjsdf, Me too he was so chill :(


  8. WonderLand19

    Death is not a joke and some people are treating it like it is. Some of our generation need to grow up and stop acting like they have power over somebody’s life when they don’t. God is the ONLY one to give and take away.
    God Bless xxx


  9. chyna

    Rip to m_bone


  10. Sharp Tongue

    R.I.P this a sad story and who the fuck still gangbang >_> the world is falling apart more and more everyday.


  11. LOL

    this madness has got to stop. im so sick and tired of hearing about these ignorant ppl killing these innocent ppl


  12. Joe

    Worst-case scenario: Some “real-hip hop” purist snob pulled the trigger on M-Bone, claiming that he was doing to him what they were supposedly doing to hip-hop…

    RIP M-Bone: I’m a lyricist myself, but gotta respect that dude.


  13. Brooklyn

    R.I.P…I’ll really miss him… ;(


  14. T.S. Anthony

    R.I.P. to de homey M Bone.


  15. AAA

    This is just another situation, where it should have never happen, he was my favorite heart goes to his love ones


  16. Hmm.

    never heard of him.


  17. maya

    smfh, RIP. We need more unity songs & less songs about being a fucking gangsta (wayne, rick ross) Hopefully Cali Boy District put something together.


  18. tune

    damn i cant believe niggas dont feel no pain taking away somebodys life like that man real talk….rip mbone….he was the best dancer out of all of them


  19. Fan of a fan

    Fuckin heck man…. F**k. 1st Nate dogg now m-bone smh. R.I.p. :(


  20. Lexx_Janay

    smh sad situation! its a cold cruel world out there! R.I.P!


  21. Kellie,R



  22. 2 rule

    rip B bone


  23. MaeMae

    Wow yo man R.I.P


  24. CSD Ralphie!

    This Black On Black Has To Stop. I Kno M-Bone . He Was Never For Violence. This World Is Falling Apart. Much Love To His Fam. Stay Strong
    R.I.P M-Bone!


  25. Tina

    Wow so sad.. I pray for his friends and family that the Lord will give them peace and comfort them all.. Rip M-bone


  26. myrah

    r.i.p m-bone he had the best dougie n the cali swag group. and he was the cutiest. omg this is crazy.. i feel so bad for his friends and family. rest easy


  27. lady

    R.I.P baby boy this got to stop


  28. Report: Cali Swag District Member M-Bone’s Murder Triggered by Jealousy – - The LeakersThe Leakers -

    [...] Friends and family of Cali Swag District member M-Bone are still getting over the shock of the rapper’s tragic death. Now details are starting to emerge on a possible motive behind his murder. [...]

  29. Redneck

    Not everybody loved him!


  30. sam

    R.I.P. ilove m bone


  31. garon

    m bone ilove you bro your brother garon


  32. grownup35

    Very senseless, how we a people can’t be happy for one another , this world is so full of haters , I know violence Is not the answer , but but hating a– dudes need to be hung on public tv with they mama in the front row. That’s y I don’t mess with _ u know n-gg-s real talk a lot of anomosity , envy cause what u have and they don’t .


  33. Bodyy_Bag

    R.I.P Mbone , You Will Truely Be Missed & My Prayers Go Out Too Your Friends & Family , Just Know He’s In A Better Place Now <3 :(


  34. veronica

    Gone too soon we will miss u!


  35. Precious dropdeadgorgeous Tross

    Ths dead krazy rest in peace MBone


  36. Ciara Chambers

    R.I.P Mbone i will keep your family in my prayers


  37. Rest in peace mbone u taught me hw 2dougie yo legacy shal continue!!!!!!!

    Rest in peace


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