Kanye West, Rick Ross Live It Up in Cannes

Kanye West

Kanye West is enjoying the good life in Cannes, France. After his public make-out session with a mystery woman on a hotel balcony, Yeezy was seen in the company of two other female friends during his trip to the French Riviera. He rolled to the VIP Lounge in a convertible white Maybach with two brunettes in the back seat. There he met up with Rick Ross, who earlier in the day dined at Eden Roc, kicking back in flip flops and a white tee as he boarded a boat and headed out to sea. Now that’s livin’ large.

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  1. amerie

    i cant belive they had to help hes fat ass on the boat @rickross lol.. EPIC FAIL..


  2. famous-1

    ..i ddnt know that he was that fuckinq huqe.


  3. famous-1

    ..i ddnt know that he was that huqe!!


  4. ME



  5. Kelly S

    Damn, what size bra is Rick Ross in? LMAO. Lemme stop.


  6. Cee Jay

    that brunette next to Yeezy is an ukrainian It-Girl from Munich, Germany.


  7. thecool

    man F all the fat jokes but Kanye is killing that Maybach


  8. Heminem

    Ross is the only fat person i respect.

    That Maybach is shinin’. The convertible ones cost 2 mil


  9. JHP

    Ayye, Rozay is boss man lol, but I want that f*cking Watch The Throne single damn it kanye!!!


  10. STFU

    U ain’t never seen a fat man with as much swag as Rick Ross. He keeps earning while you continue hating


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