First Look at Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga On Set of ‘SNL’

Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga

“Saturday Night Live” is going out with a bang. The late-night variety show will close its 36th season with host Justin Timberlake and musical guest Lady Gaga. The pop superstars met up during rehearsals today in New York City.

“Don’t be jealous ladies ;). I laughed so hard today I cried,” tweeted Gaga, who is expected to appear in a sketch with J.T. and comedian Andy Samberg.

UPDATE: Watch the “SNL” promo clips with Justin and Gaga below.

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  1. beyonce


    *dusts off 16 grammys*

    *sees that new video has almost 2 million views in 2 days*

    *sees that single is up 100 places on itunes*

    *files nails*

    *sees the shade rihanna throws on twitter. fires her from husbands managment and sends her back to the swamps to work for wendys*

    its my world, and gaga, perry, rihanna, skeri, all y’all b**ches need a barber cos i got more talent when i piss, sneeze, fart and s**t than all of y’all combined

    *calls forbes and sees that $87 million was made on a break*

    who run the world?


    afds Reply:

    lady gaga was dubbed most powerful celebrity this year- she passed OPRAH
    she made 90 million
    and her monster ball tour was named the highest grossing tour by a debut artist in music history
    - best of all gaga has only been out less than 3 years and shes already making more than beyonce
    beyonce’s new single is currently number 76 on the hot 100 – bey is amazing but she is definitely not running the world


    Name Here Reply:

    @afds, this is true but…. IASF>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BTW


    lnkl Reply:

    @beyonce, shut the fuck up


    thadundun Reply:

    @beyonce, oh bey! i cosign!<3


    ed Reply:

    @beyonce, lmaoooo yaaaaaas Queenyonce


    Danger Reply:

    @beyonce, if you were a true Beyoncé fan, you would never portray her in such a negative light. Beyoncé would never behave in this manner. Insolent adolescent.


    Tiffany Reply:

    @beyonce, haha beyonce rule the mother world


  2. GAGA

    *looks at beyonce’s post*



  3. afds

    oh yeah and judas video had more than 3 million views in less than a day and had 13 million in 3 days


  4. Jessica

    Grr I wish hulu was available for mobile. Can’t wait for gaga.


  5. mal

    OK im a Beyonce fan to death!! BUT that top post wasnt even relevant


  6. Heminem

    Why Bey fans hatin on Gaga. They friends, and collaborates.

    JT is funny. He should work with Gaga for his next album.


  7. Tiffany

    i dont see bey bey on SNL


  8. nymo

    beyonce fans just feel pressed hahahaha i love it.


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  10. Whatcha_Sayin

    OMG I want a JT and Gaga collabo RIGHT NOW


  11. aaliyah

    Wow, the two most annoying singers ever.


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