Bow Wow Hits the Studio with Lil Wayne to Record ‘Underrated’ [Video]

Bow Wow links up with his YMCMB boss Lil Wayne to work on his 8th studio album and Cash Money debut Underrated. After shooting some dice, Bow and Weezy finally get in some studio time. “I’ve been doing so many movies the past year-and-a-half, two years, I haven’t really had time to get it in with my squad,” explains the 24-year-old rapper. After putting in work, the fellas scoop some diamond Cartier watches. Money ain’t a thing.

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  1. Tiffany

    bow you need to hang it up all the once major stars have fallen *cough cough beyonce cough* lady gaga rihanna rule this mother f’ing world


  2. MeloRockstarr

    I hope he don’t flop cause he stay floppin. I respect your hustle but just because you with Wayne and them dont guarantee you a hit album. Im just saying.


    p Reply:

    @MeloRockstarr, I AGREE 100%! i think he uses the whole ‘YMCMB’ hype to make himself look and sound better but tbh the only people doing well on that label are Wayne, Nicki, Drake, Tyga & Jay Sean.


    Sportz Reply:

    @p, Don’t forget Khaled. He does nothing for his tracks, but he makes so much money for Stunna.


  3. WonderLand19

    MMmmmmmm, I don’t think Bow wow is Underrated. To be underrated, you have to be an artist who makes Sick music but it not appreciated with No.1/awards or even mainstream success. Ryan Leslie is underrated because he has never had a top 10 BUT makes REAL SICk music. Same with Amerie.
    Bow has had the success mainstream but people have never seen him as a lyricist because of what he has put out.
    I Like this new hunger in Bow but i don’t think he will find inspiration for his music by gambling with Lil Wayne. Maybe hang out with different people, gain different experiences. I don’t want to hear another record about how much money you’ve got then complain about being ‘Underrated’. Kmt. Just be creative.Your 24!!!


    DW Reply:

    @WonderLand19, Co-sign everything you said! R-les for prez!!!


    Will Reply:

    @WonderLand19, i completely agree. Bow Wow isnt really bringing anything new to the game and he has already had success but his music just isnt what people want to hear. He should stick to acting now.


  4. Jessica

    Some of Bow Wow’s music go hard, but his arrogance puts me off — he has a serious case of little man syndrome, and he’s lame as fuck.


    NASTY@ Reply:

    @Jessica, i respct his hussle 2, bt lts gv him a break..luks lyk hes bck lyk he forgt sumthng.


  5. fresh@shellsØn

    PoW!!!! Bow betta dig deep..

    ((p.s. “All dat cheese bein paraded around.”))


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  7. Oh Please

    Is it me or does Bow Wow look like he’s trying too hard to fit in?


  8. No!

    What do you mean you’re underated, Bow Wow? This clown is hilarious. lol


  9. Tangalisa johnson

    Been rocking with Bow since he was LIL Bow Wow. All u bitchess r hating. apparently the man is doing sumn right. He still making money. Thats all that matters


  10. Carmen

    Watched this to see if I can take this guy serious. Still can’t.

    @tangalisa Johnson, if he’s making so much money with what hes done, he’s clearly not underrated. Tired of these rappers talking out the sides of their necks.


  11. Lil Lightskin

    Naw bow just need to throw in the towel..sorry to say but he just don’t have it nomore..the only thing is his looks, and not even that cuz his attitude messes that up.!! Smh..I feel like its over unless he do a 360 in his music and his actin..


  12. Heminem

    Lil Wayne looks cute when hes playin dice!


  13. Um.Well.Sure.

    Let’s be real here, when was the last time you heard about him come out with good lyrics? Let me re-phrase that, when was the last time you heard about him making GOOD music? His rap career, if that’s what you’d even call it, fell off a LONG time ago. Acting seems to be working so I say go with what works because doing both is clearly not for you. You are nobody’s Common… #NoShadeAllTruth


  14. GG

    This guy needs to stop trying and talk shit and put down time to create some good music instead!


  15. fan of a fan

    most of his music is shit but some are ok. i prefer bow wow as an actor rather than a rapper but since he joined ymcmb i hope his album is a succsess.


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