Lady Gaga Performs on ‘SNL’ [Video]

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga closed out “Saturday Night Live” on a high note with a season finale show stopper. First up, the eccentric singer got behind the piano for a stripped-down version of “The Edge of Glory,” kicking it into high gear for “Judas.” She later emerged from her famous “vessel” to sing “Born This Way” as a baby bump appeared right before our eyes.

“The Edge of Glory” and “Judas”

“Born This Way”


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  1. fizzle

    i heard the album. Definitely NOTHING like the fame or the fame monster. I hate that she isn’t sticking with the diverse and exhilarating sound she came onto the scene. She was so worried about the vocals the beats & rhythms lacked the attention it needed. Now her music starting to sound like pure 80s club but & not like the monstrous LADY GAGA we enjoyed being shoved down our throats. -_-


    mike Reply:

    this new album is amazing, innovative and cohesive, this is no Loud or Teenage Dream. Born This Way is just so much more


    I Agree Reply:

    @fizzle, Thats exactly what me an dmy friends have been saying….this is nothing close to the couple of tracks on the fame monster…..which was out of this world….this sound she’s with now disappoints me :(


  2. Coleworld

    Amazing! Wow.


  3. chet

    SMASHED! bow down bitches.


  4. Yeah

    weird bitch


  5. Mike

    She really needs to stop performing “Judas”, her live vocals in it are always bad and the choreography is awful.


    BitchesIsMySons Reply:

    @Mike, WHAT!?!?!?! Her Live Vocals Are Her Strongest Wth U Talking About Her Live Vocals Suck This Women Can Sing Her Ass Off


    joejpaige Reply:

    @Mike, I think this was her best performance of Judas. The live vocals for this song has improved since the other performances I’ve seen on “Judas”.


  6. lmfao

    She’s awful.


  7. BB

    I love it when she sings the stripped down versions of her songs. It really shows how great she can be without all the bells and whistles.


  8. Sharp Tongue

    Born This Way choreography seem sloppy, but other then that she did a good job.





    Name Here Reply:

    @MINAJ’JA’TROSI, who was she lip syncing u could tell it was live because i heared the studio track and her voice played togther


  10. Sheila

    People kill me, she did not Lip Sync anything, it was all live, I guess that accusation makes fans of others feel better. SMDH. Gaga did great and she is who she is.


  11. Lisa

    If Rihanna put out vocals like this all of you would be giving commenting on how terrible she is… This Lady Gaga bi*ch is awful, stop kidding yourselves


  12. Heminem

    Great Judas perf. I think it was premature on ellen. the vocals and dance are great now.

    She is by far the most innovative, creative and talented pop star now. No other female star writes all their own music and lyrics. plus produces and plays.

    ima by the album tomorrow!


  13. really?!

    I love a catchy tune as much as the next person, and until her SNL appearance I was good with it – but honestly, the lip sync show was a pathetic mess, it’s lessened my enthusiasm for her. Not to mention, seriously….there IS no shock value anymore, she’s just looking silly :( Sure Ill listen, but Im not as impressed as I wished I was.


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