Rap-Up TV: Jason Derulo Talks About His Second Album ‘Future History’

Jason Derulo is gearing up for the release of his sophomore album Future History, due in September. Fresh off debuting his new single “Don’t Wanna Go Home,” the R&B singer let us in on details surrounding his upcoming project.

“The new album is a bunch of reinventions,” he told Rap-Up TV at the BMI Pop Music Awards. “I’ve experienced so much in these last two years. When I recorded my first record I was 19 years old and now I’m 21.”

He continued, “This record is completely different from the last. The first single is very upbeat, very in-your-face, very feel good ’cause I wanted to have that real feel-good record. I felt like there was a lot of turmoil in the world, a lot of pain in the world, and I wanted to do my part in aiding.”

But he’s revealing more than one side with his new material. “There’s records on the album that are deeply emotional, very vulnerable, just all sorts of things.”

He also described the Rich Lee-directed video for “Don’t Wanna Go Home,” which premieres May 25. “It’s a high-energy dance video. More dancing than anybody’s ever seen me do thus far, yet very sexy.”

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  1. meme

    i love his music and im buyin the album, but why he always has to have a face full of makeup?


  2. LOL

    and ppl wanna claim that trey songz needs to come out the closet….while this fool walking around with makeup on


    Name Here Reply:

    @LOL, ikr smh


  3. Dave

    Love his music, will buy his album.



    i wanna have sex with him…


  5. David

    His face resembles Toni Braxton


  6. Name Here

    king of auto tuned RnB


  7. Childplease

    Boy sit down somewhere…


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  10. Heminem

    Hes great. Keep the hits comin JD!

    And hes not wearing too much make up! He looks fine.


  11. heisntwearinmakeup

    dude is not wearin make up. hes haitian/dominican…they have real odd skin complexions. i love that shit on the women.


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