Black Eyed Peas Perform at the Billboard Music Awards [Video] and Fergie

The Black Eyed Peas lit up Las Vegas with an electrifying medley of “Just Can’t Get Enough,” “The Time (Dirty Bit),” and “I Gotta Feeling” at the Billboard Music Awards. Fergie—in a luminous dress by Philips Lighting—and started out the performance on piano, linking up with and Taboo as they cranked up the volume on their dance party.


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  1. Heminem

    LOL at Will’s first “Just cant get enough”
    Liked the medley at the end


  2. Eliana

    Well like always black eyed peas performing good.

    They sing live might sound horrible sometimes but because of all the technology.

    i love BEP!!!


  3. Aquierra

    ‘I Gotta Feeling’ again? WTF is this? An encore of the tragic Superbowl performance?


  4. Joyams

    they f@ck!n need to stop using autotune live


    hk Reply:

    @Joyams, Agreed


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