Kanye West

Kanye West Headlines Festival Mawazine in Morocco [Video]

Kanye West brought his live show overseas for the “Festival Mawazine: Rhythms of the World” in Rabat, Morocco. Mr. West looked sharp in a crisp white suit and shades while performing a 45-minute set reminiscent of last month’s Coachella spectacular. His international fans got a rare glimpse of the rapper as he performed hits spanning from “Through the Wire” to his remix of Katy Perry’s “E.T.” Other headline acts on the bill include Shakira, Lionel Richie, and Quincy Jones. If you weren’t able to be in attendance or catch the live stream, check out some highlights here.

“POWER” and “Jesus Walks”


“E.T.,” “Homecoming,” & “Through the Wire”

“Through the Wire,” “All Falls Down,” “Touch the Sky,” & “Gold Digger”

“All of the Lights”

  • Simone

    my babaaayyyyy

  • Upper Rooom

    Kanyeee!! I cant take it Thank you for puttin all of his performanceS up tho. Back to that hustle aight Yeeezy!!!

  • G-Crunk

    He Was Just Amazing ♥

  • Mokh

    Hey @g-crunk , u’r moroccan?

  • mehdi

    is beautiful

  • Eliana

    kanye is A douchbag Thats why I LOVE HIM!



  • MongOose Brown

    the show Was gOod in Rabat –> Morocco

    not perfect but its nice :p

  • Ohma

    the best show i’ve eva seen in my whole life ! i swear i was gonna get a heart attack or somthin ! when i saw him on stage ! this nigga rocks ! he da shiiiiiit ! i fuckin lov’em !!!

  • Ohma

    the happiest night of mah life ! yeezy in morocco ! i was so fuckin high , and he just took me higher with his songs, i swear i’ll neva forget that night ! i was gonna have a heart atttack , i swear , i was gonna die that night ! but god saved me ! kanye , i love u man !

  • Mitcholos

    I Need To See This Man Live- I Need To See SOMEONE From G.O.O.D Perform- G.O.O.D Music !! Kanye Is Inspirational