Mary J. Blige and Lil Wayne Perform at Billboard Music Awards [Video]

Mary J. Blige and Lil Wayne

Mary J. Blige rose from the rubble to perform “Someone to Love Me (Naked)” at the Billboard Music Awards. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul stepped into a scene straight from her music video to join Lil Wayne on their Jerry Wonda-produced collaboration, which will appear on her upcoming album My Life II: The Journey Continues (Sept. 20).


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  1. #fuckBET

    Mary killd it.:) Wayne looking skrumpbillyupshus yummmy yum.:)


  2. Yeah

    guess no one cares


  3. AishThaks

    go weezy go


  4. Heminem

    Mary shouldnt haeavily sample a DDM song for her early propmo.

    Wayne was cool. He was awesome backstage on the stream. He gave an interview unlike JayZ!


  5. Dough

    Too R&B/Hip-Hopish for anyone to care.

    Pop is the only thing that captures anyones attention now-a-days, I’m surprised Mary even got a spot to perform..


  6. Eliana

    Mary what to argue she is a singer. all her songs might not hit, but the point she has amazing music, but people want weird stuff like kesha lol


  7. kay

    This is my sooooong!


  8. Diego

    Mary voice was is crazy she sang her off


  9. Diego

    Mary is #28 on the R&B charts stomping what DDM did with the song Mary is one bad bitch


  10. delroy

    And best vocal award should go to this lady, I live in the UK so we get the best clips from the show to view, from what i have seen from the i like the lady but shocking performance from Nicki & lip sync spears. Why did nicki do a duet, does she badly want mainstream sucess that bad. And what the fuck was the S&M performance all about, that was a hot mess from both the goat and lip syncing spears. Ceelo was okay Beyonce now that was a performance, even if she sang near to half of the piss poor track, the performance was on fire. But i have to say Mary you have made me become skeptical of these lessers trying to ruin the genre that i once loved with a passion while their ruining it with their bland sounds you and Lauryn and others that sang at church show them what a true r&b artist is all about, and why ppl will play your songs in decades to come unlike them that have a song shelve life of a year tops.


  11. LipSyncDetector

    Oh this was the performance where M J B was holding the microphone at her side and she was still singing.
    Full lip sync mode!


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