On the Scene: Solange, Janet Jackson, Kid Cudi, Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day, Cee Lo


Solange looked simple, yet elegant in a white slit dress at the Range Rover Evoque Live concert in New York City on Saturday (May 21). The 24-year-old singer warmed up the crowd with her DJ set before Cee Lo Green took the stage. She recently gushed about her sister Beyoncé’s video for “Run the World (Girls),” writing, “I don’t use the word epic….but errr emmm.”

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson joined former President Clinton and Brooke Shields to help raise money for those with HIV/AIDS at the 19th Annual Life Ball in Vienna, Austria.

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi, who’s currently filming the second season of HBO’s “How to Make It in America” in New York, pitched in at the Olevolos Project’s fundraising brunch to benefit orphans in Tanzania.

Dawn Richard

Dirty Money’s Dawn Richard kept cool in all white at the 4th Annual Take Action Leadership event hosted by Nick Cannon at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

Aubrey O'Day

After making a splash at Liquid Pool Lounge earlier in the day, Aubrey O’Day slipped into a cheetah-print D&G dress to attend the Billboard Music Awards pre-party at Bank nightclub at Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green revved up the crowd with a live concert at the 2012 Range Rover Evoque launch in New York City. The Lady Killer will return as judge for a second season of NBC’s hit show “The Voice.”

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  1. Music Lover

    Oh child Dawn looks a mess.com


    Really Reply:

    @Music Lover, your miserable! hahahahahhaha


    That's right Reply:

    @Music Lover, You got to be so unhappy with your life. hahahahahaha


    That's right Reply:

    @Music Lover, You are obviously obsessed with Dawn’s every move. smh


  2. maya

    Dawn looks a mess. Aubrey looks cheap. Solange & Janet look beautiful. Cee lo? -_- then there’s Cudi…


  3. Really

    Yall BITCHES Forever hatin on Dawn Richard. Yall act like some obsessed stalkers. It’s sad everytime I see this girl on a site. There’s always some negative ass person hatin on her. Dawn looked nice and comfortable. This wasn’t an event were she had to get decked out for. Every since she’s been with Diddy (winning) all yall do is hate. Dawn ain’t gotta stop her shine to please none of yall broke hoes. And believe me karma’s a bitch. What goes around comes around. And nothing good gone come to none of yall. smh


  4. Harvey

    Dame Dawn keels it classy,But what’s goin on wit ha hair!!!!


  5. Josh

    Oh Down-e gurl,what were u thinking?


  6. Really

    Dawn looks nice and comfortable. This was not an event where she had to get dressed up for. It’s sad everytime I see her on a site. Someone or somebody is passing judgment on her. People are obviously obsessed with her. Every since she has been with Diddy (winning) people are hating. Dawn don’t have to stop her shine to please no one. Remember what goes around comes around. GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY!


  7. ed

    Dawn & Aubrey are hot messes here! LAWD!


  8. MeetCici.

    hey Dawn meets Aubrey there :) Danity Kane !!


  9. Vanessa

    Although I don’t see anybody in these photos that looks completely a hot mess. I will say this, once you’re in the public eye you got to be aware of people judging you on your appearance, so you got to be careful on how you look once you step out in public. I feel it’s always good to make sure at least your hair and teeth are on point. Just voicing an opinion. However, I think everyone looks nice.


  10. WonderLand19

    I love Dawn and Aubrey.

    ‘Last train to paris’ is EPIC! go get your copy.


  11. Dave

    Aubrey’s boobs look out of place. Dawn looks comfortable, the hair in this particular pic & angles is blah to me, but I do like it overall, she wore it in a different style on tour. Solange looks beautiful, I wish she wouldn’t automatically band-wagon for everything her sister does. The video is ok, it’s not epic at all, it could’ve been epic if she would’ve made everything coincide & not be random & correlate to the song itself. Cudi looks cute, Janet looks gorgeous. Cee Lo looks blah, whatever. lol


  12. fi

    I wish I was Janet!


  13. Troy

    Janet Looks so Elegant as always classic.

    Uh Solange needs to sit her ugly ass down somewhere, just like beYAWNcys zombie ass fans think that bitch can’t do no wrong. She eats up her own sisters cooch like it has lobster and steak in it.


  14. cudder



  15. From Tokyo

    Solange’s dress – y.e.s.!!!!


  16. liz

    All of these people look goergeous and handsome.
    Wonderfull hearts that still make diferences!


  17. bijan

    stop hatin on dawn


  18. Royaleeeee

    Imma need Solange to stop lookin like India Arie! NOT a good look!


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