Video: Frank Ocean – ‘Acura Integurl’

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean gets behind the wheel of his Acura NSX in the video for “Acura Integurl.” “I’m not just in it for the ride,” sings the Odd Future crooner while speeding through the hills of Southern California at dusk. Def Jam is planning to commercially release his debut album Nostalgia, Ultra this summer.

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  1. Robjr559 loves Ciara

    This man is just so fucking epic. His mixtape shits on half of the albums relased this year.


  2. Cheeeaaaa

    I luv this man!


    essence Reply:

    @Cheeeaaaa, he donot love you ok


    CUTCOPY Reply:

    @essence, lol joker


  3. essence

    hi how are you doing today because you look very nice


  4. essence

    you are so cute


  5. Yaser Lad

    This guy has toooo much talent…
    His hook’s remind me of Kanye – alot tho!


  6. Wow

    Beautiful! That’s all i can say.


  7. DEALwidIT

    I think this guy should work with brandy.. I can here the influences.. but he can hold his own.. I love FRank O..He should release Swim good, and Nature well.


    Robjr559 loves Ciara Reply:

    @DEALwidIT, He already has worked with Brandy.


    aznazeep Reply:

    @DEALwidIT, I hear the influences too. He recorded with Brandy a few years ago on “Surprise Ending” (before he changed his name from Lonny Breux to Frank Ocean) but the song never made the cut for her album. They were in the studio together a couple of months ago though, so I’m hoping something good came from their sessions.

    Brandy also does backing vocals on “Nature Feels” :)


  8. Heminem

    I like it

    I also like those old super cars. very cool


  9. pam

    damn his voice just makes my insides melt, its sooo hot!


  10. snchzz

    Обажаю его!


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