Drake Gets Animated on ‘The LeBrons’ [Video]


Drake’s crew faces off in a rap battle with LeBron James’ posse in the seventh episode of “The LeBrons,” the NBA player’s cartoon web series. The Canadian rapper provides his voice and likeness to his animated character, while his OVO friend Niko holds down the mic. Did Drizzy and company take ‘em to school? Find out by watching the show below.

[Believe Entertainment Group]

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  1. Me2



  2. Orlando

    The Cartoon Of Drake Sure is a look alike of Barack Obama Lmao heehee


    Wilson1234 Reply:

    @Orlando, That is the first thing I thought when I saw that. LMFAO!!!!!!! Drake looks nothing like that.


  3. Heminem

    That sue is Obama.

    Drakes head isnt thin like that. And thems Obamas lips!


  4. Drew

    that was corny


    D Reply:

    @Drew, ikr


  5. hassi

    that dont look nothing like drake


  6. Tt

    Bye Hassi”His Big Ass Lips Looking Like He Got Botox” !


  7. Archana

    At first I didn’t like it and while I’m still not sold on it, it’s pretty ctachy. I just wish he wouldn’t sing all his hooks, it sounds like karaoke to me. And I think he needs to lyrically think about what he’s trying to say like he did on the mixtape. The material felt stale, outdated and unrelatable. The exact opposite reason why people related and liked the mixtape so much. Hopefully the next album is better.


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