Keyshia Cole and Husband Daniel Gibson Share Wedding Photos

Keyshia Cole, Daniel Gibson, and Daniel Gibson Jr.

Keyshia Cole tied the knot with Daniel “Boobie” Gibson in a private ceremony over the weekend. Now the groom has posted photos from the couple’s wedding on Twitter, showing him and his wife smiling with their 14-month-old son Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. on the big day. The beaming bride looks elegant in a white gown with a pearl necklace, holding a bouquet of red roses, while Gibson is sharp in a black-and-white tux.

“Enjoy!! Me @keyshiacole Wedding pics.. The Gibson Family!” tweeted the NBA player. “Always & Forever!! It’s just like a dream to Me.. @keyshiacole Moments you live for.”

The newlyweds shared their special moment with family. Boobie’s mother can be seen straightening his bow tie in another image from their wedding album. “Moms Getting me right for the Big Day!” he wrote.

Cole, 29, and Gibson, 25, celebrated their union with a helicopter ride over Las Vegas. “One of the Best nights of our Lives,” he later said.

Daniel Gibson and Keyshia Cole Daniel Gibson and mother

[Photos via Daniel Gibson]

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    good looking family. happy for them


  2. jeremydante

    love them; super happy for keyshia.
    - hope keyshia comes hard on her next album in terms of promo cause that’s what the albums fault was last go ’round. the label needs to understand that dropping one single & an album that same month is not gonna work. *with the exception of beyonce*


    AAA Reply:

    @jeremydante, dosent matter her music started loose her touch before that, when your unhappy u make good ass music, when your sad you make ok type music,….she needs to find that inner pain again


    AAA Reply:

    @AAA, sad I meant to replace wih happy


    40aintthereal20 Reply:

    @AAA, It’s a shame how one can find negativity in a positive moment. Some of us need to find our inner happiness instead of wanting someone to be sad just to make ppl feel better about themselves. Anyway the pictures are beautiful since that was the purpose of this editorial.


    bobby London Reply:

    @40aintthereal20, I agree! People always have to find negativity when its irrelevant.

    @AAA, Most people make their best art when they are happy. Music makes people happy and thats why musicians do it. Its not the inner pain Keisha needs to find..its the inner hunger. The hunger to make a great album.


    Mely B Reply:

    @AAA, I think it reveals mental illness or deep personal unhappiness to make this kind of statement. I hated it when “fans” said this about Mary J Blige and I hate the comment about Keyshia. Good music is good music – people don’t have to be in pain to make good music. My opinion is that Keyshia’s fans don’t want her to grow as a woman or person so they can keep putting her down or so they can wallow in whatever personal pain they’re going through.


  3. spikey

    How cute


  4. Bri

    Nice picture. Love Keyshia.


  5. 40aintthenew20

    That’s funny my iPad changed my name to 40aintthereal20 and I just noticed it.


  6. Lynn873

    Congratulations! Married is Honorable..God Bless Y’all!!


  7. Ashley

    SO CUTE!!!!! <3 Congrats Keyshia!


  8. Lil Latete

    Congrats keyshia N bobbie N lil jr…u have a lovely family…
    “Oakland Ca~ where we get Hyphy”. :)
    God bless you all and happiness for ever..!


  9. lil latete

    Boobie.. Sorry was typing to fast…


  10. From Tokyo

    The main pic in the post is nice!


  11. sheba

    im happy for kesha,she been thru alot that family is alot!


  12. Music

    I Love It!! my favorite female R&B artist, well tied with Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, and K. Michelle, getting happy and I loved her last album you really have to listen to it to understand it.
    Favorite Songs On Calling All Hearts:
    I Ain’t Thru
    Long Way Down
    I’m Tired Of Doing Me
    If I Fall In Love Again
    So Impossible
    Take Me Away
    Last Hangover
    Thank You
    Confused In Love
    Two Sides To Every Story


  13. alexis

    your wedding pictures are so cute no homo!!!!!!!!


  14. reesie

    hi be happy &love each another…stay true good lucky


  15. ahahahahahahahahahahaha

    *tear* this is so beautiful..i love happy family moments

    their son look like he a sneaky one .lol


  16. Shawntil cotton

    nice pictures mr amd mrs gibson and congratulations


  17. momomonkey

    lookin to cute …! Happy Family !


  18. TETE

    look at that is so pretty and Mrs and Mr GIBSON


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  21. pasia aka riley

    keshia i love ohhh girl you is so pretty i wish i can meet you when you come too rochester ny i love and your family and son and husband and i wish you 3 the best


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