New Music: Keke Wyatt f/ Kelly Price and Tweet – ‘Mirror’


Keke Wyatt takes a look in the “Mirror” on her soul-stirring duet with Kelly Price and Tweet from her new album Unbelievable! (June 14). The songbirds sing about falling back into a bad relationship over the guitar-laced melody. “We were so close to getting over him/ Now you’re tellin’ me we’re going back again,” sings a conflicted Keke. “How could you betray me and take my heart back through that door?” asks Tweet. Listen as they reflect on their heartache.

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  1. dr



  2. TweetFAN

    It’s so good to finally hear Tweet on something new! I missed her so much! :’(


  3. Biscuits



  4. yooo

    this is exactly why i dont fuck with rihanna or any of these girls who think they can sing. these three shut it down every time they touch a mic


    KMart Reply:

    @yooo, dont forget the fourth — mariah!! :P


  5. BLAZE

    Yeeeeeeessssssssssss! They slayed this shit O mirror


  6. BLAZE

    Yeeeeeessssssss they slayed that song I love me some tweet an kelly price keke is cool too


  7. Melanie

    Proper R&B, such a great song that already has a home on my iPod.


  8. Ira

    Why isn’t there more music like this. Real R&B is back.


  9. Cory

    I’m so glad that Keke is keeping her face and music out there more frequently now. Only a 1 year wait b/w this new album and last year’s Who Knew? Thats amazing. Thank u KeKe


  10. CJ

    THIS IS REAL R&B, Kelly Price new CD is FIRE, can’t wait for the new KeKe Wyatt and Tweet albums!!!!!!!


  11. Jeff

    This is a song that was supposed to be released by The Queen Project, which was the group that Kelly Price was in with Tamia and Deborah Cox. I wish the three of them would have recorded it for Kelly’s new album, but these three sound good on it too.


  12. fanofallthree

    I’m a huge fan of all three women and I love the way the all sound on the track but I don’t like this song even a little bit sounds to me like its lackin something……….definately an album filler.


  13. Sharp Tongue

    Raw emotions I really like this true R&B at it’s best.


  14. Chill

    TWEET! Those vocals of hers give me chillz! keke is just average to me, kelly sounds powerful as ever. I need another Tweet album NOW!!!


  15. jb

    Soft music love the tune ….


  16. xklusv



  17. Len1975

    This song is hot and this is real singing and r&b, this is what the music industry is missing…I hate the industry right now, it hasn’t been right since the 90′s…


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