Cassie, Solange, & Mary J. Blige Unite at Carol’s Daughter Launch

Solange, Cassie, and Selita Ebanks

It was all about the ladies at the Carol’s Daughter Spokesbeauty & Monoi Repairing Collection launch at Sephora in New York City yesterday. The beauty brand’s spokeswomen Solange, Cassie, and Selita Ebanks showed off their individual style before posing for photos with fans. Cassie sported a Pompadour Mohawk (shaved on both sides), Solange rocked an Afro, and Selita Ebanks modeled a short red hairstyle. Mary J. Blige presided over the event, where a new ad campaign starring the three ladies was unveiled.

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  1. WonderLand19


    Can’t wait for that album.


    KMart Reply:


    mmmm… cassie…


  2. Kira

    Cassie ♥ perfect <3
    cant wait electro love (L)


  3. Tiffany

    wooow cass, your looking better than ever, no need to snatch them wigs you rocking a cool mohawk although its a bit played out looks ace on you, and im sick of waiting for this so called album i give up. sol’ im just not feeling that afro. mary is looking better than ever the bangs look a-ma-zing!


  4. Harvey

    Umm Boogie Shit it’s should be comin soon really soon Bad Boy needs too confirm!!!!


  5. Dave

    Solange >>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    kiki Reply:

    @Dave, ditto.


  6. Niuniu

    something isn’t quite right with cassie’s boobs!
    she upgraded them!


  7. niniu

    she upgraded them girls! anyone can tell!
    not a good look cassie!


  8. Zippy

    solange’s hair looks great and cassie is HOT


  9. YAAAAS!

    LOVE SOLANGE’S HAIR!!! That bitch betta werq!!!


  10. Ronie

    I love me some Cassie, but Solange is glowing…I love!


  11. JJ

    CASSIE!!!!!!!!!! <33


  12. Bianca

    Solange owned these pics. period.


  13. meme

    cassie have a boob job? it looks great


    mlperry90 Reply:

    @meme, no they look natural. i saw a video of her on youtube chillen in miami and they looked good there as well.


  14. bijan

    wow cassie damn


  15. anita.blakyl



  16. mlperry90

    i love MJB! she doesnt have to mix it up. she is just..not sure what word to use. Mary J. is just Mary J. lol who knew cassie had curves like that.


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