TLC Performs ‘No Scrubs’ and ‘Waterfalls’ on ‘American Idol’ [Video]


The two surviving members of TLC returned to the stage to perform a medley of their greatest hits on the “American Idol” season finale. Lil Jon got the party started with “Come Get Some” before T-Boz and Chilli came out to sing and dance along to “No Scrubs” and “Waterfalls” with four of the female contestants.


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  1. jeremydante

    what the hell? i don’t get why everyone is performing these old songs. i love TLC, but american idol is looking real desperate for ratings.


    VV$ Reply:

    @jeremydante, they have the highest ratings on tv. they don’t need your advice. why would they sing new songs that most of the country doesn’t know?


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @VV$, lol true about the singing new songs people don’t know, but in recent seasons their(Idol) ratings has been decreasing so I believe there are trying to get a lot of viewer with all these appearances


  2. DaBxDon

    There not old songs there called classics asshole @jeremydante..shit it was great to see such a lengendary/iconic group like TLC HIT THE IDOL STAGE…BRAVOOOOOO!!


    meds Reply:

    @DaBxDon, yeah! tell em!


  3. RIPNateDogg

    TLC!!!!!!! Best performance on idol. Ever!!


  4. jaxsmom

    Is T-Boz pregnant?


    Kairee Reply:

    @jaxsmom, No, she had a brain tumor a few years back and lost her ability to walk, talk and move her face. She had to be on steroids while recovering which made her gain weight.


    fonkyfresh Reply:

    @Kairee, really i wasn’t sure. it could be a lot of things. but i love me TLC!!1


  5. Mook

    Nice abs.


  6. mon

    ayyeeee TLC now this is a good show


  7. kingofrnb

    no T-boz is not pregnant. She just gained weight because of medication and not being able to do strenuous exercise like chilli because of her illnesses


    BLAZE Reply:

    @kingofrnb, thank you smh ppl always being neg just be glad they were on doin there thing T-Boz been through a lot an she still doin it big plus she has a solo album later this year im proud of her an chilli for goin on doin there thing


  8. Yaser Lad

    T-Boz killed it straight up.


  9. kingofrnb

    @Yaser Lad, yeah she still got that swag…lol


    Shame Reply:

    @kingofrnb, that a nice name you got. King Usher is that you?


  10. B

    yeah watching Tboz and Chili made me miss Left Eye even more…sniff sniff…Just wasnt the same


  11. JFC

    They dance pretty well but for sure they don’t sign! They Lip Sync!


  12. Eva Bebkovski

    TLC and the girls doing waterfalls sent chills down my spine, and a tear in my left eye..


  13. Shame

    always nice to see TLC :) still luv thise girls.


  14. Angel

    old music??? Hell no…real music. Now all we have is synthesized non-singers. Sick of music today. Bring back the 90s!!!!


  15. nikkiischillin

    Much love to TLC…Great to see them…they made me miss Left Eye. I wish Chilli and T-Boz the best.


  16. Lisa

    The best female group of all-time! They made you think while still being crazy, sexy and cool.


    Devin Reply:

    @Lisa, Salt N Pepa is mines. I love them both.


  17. philly11

    @Angel Agree…The 90s were everything


  18. kiki

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeee tlc ITS’ LISA LOPES’S birthday tomorrow she would of still looked young r.i.p. left eye.


  19. LilRoyalty

    They killed it


  20. mike

    TLC still the best!!!!my all time favorite girl group!!!love you TLC..


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