Video: Diddy-Dirty Money f/ Usher – ‘Looking for Love’

Usher and Diddy

Usher reunites with his mentor Diddy in the video for “Looking for Love,” the latest release off Diddy-Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris album. The playboys own the night as they overlook the city and charm the ladies in an underground club, while Dawn and Kalenna seduce the camera with their sexy moves in the dark visuals by director Colin Tilley.


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  1. RIRI!!

    Usher’s brother wrote and produced this song.. The “Raymonds” are damn talented!! I love this song..


  2. SLYBOIontwitter

    He was better off Having Rick Ross doing one of those verses, his rapping style is just awkward, BUT GREAT SONG :)


  3. kwameez

    loved it best single so far diddy. usher murder it too


  4. 1rnbfan1

    nice video ;) love the song of course;]


  5. jeremydante

    this is my favorite song from the album.


  6. WonderLand19

    @Jeremydante, me too! The beat is Sick and the usher and puff sound good together allways. Makes me wanna dance :)

    Colin Tiley is a VERY talented person. The visuals are super BEAUTIFUL.



  7. saio

    cool song
    hope it’s gonna be a single and not another music video without a single
    way better than trey songz “your love”


  8. brian

    kat graham?


  9. Heminem

    Wish every artist did as many vids as Puff.
    Suppose he has half a bil to play with.


  10. JHP

    Dope song, and dope video! Usher murdered it, and Puffy was just being Puffy lol, but real talk the first verse was garbage, I could’ve ghostwrote a better verse then that (Rick Ross obviously wrote Puffy’s verses btw)


  11. Ajose segun

    I luv diddy in so many ways, i just wish others should learn 4rm him cus he’s a cul guy.


  12. Sergio

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