Will.i.am Gets Smart with ‘Black Einstein’ Solo Album


The Black Eyed Peas may be taking a break, but will.i.am shows no signs of slowing down. The leader of the band is prepping another solo album.

His fellow Pea Fergie spilled the beans about the project to Hollyscoop TV. “I believe will is coming out with a solo album,” she revealed. “I’ve heard it. It’s called Black Einstein and it’s amazing.”

Fergie, who plans to spend her time off focusing on charity work, shared her excitement. “I’ve been waiting for him to come out with this for so long because I want it. He won’t give it to me. I want it for the gym. He’s so amazing—just such a genius lyricist and I’m really excited for his project.”

Will’s previous solo album Songs About Girls didn’t fare well on the charts, peaking at No. 38 in October 2007 and spawning the singles “I Got It from My Mama” and “Heartbreaker.”

For her part, Fergie insists she is not releasing a solo project anytime soon. “I am so excited to take a break,” she previously told the AP. “The guys know that I’ve been waiting and it’s time and it’s exciting.”

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  1. mike

    this will be another flop, this dude is a mess


    Akon's Da Man Reply:

    @mike, No he’s a constant hit maker


  2. Adam

    thank god, i LOVE WILL he is my idol !!

    his music is fucking amazing

    Go Will !


  3. I thought he said NO SOLO ALBUM???

    I thought Will said he wasn’t going to release another solo album????


  4. iName

    “genius lyricist”…. oh.


    mike Reply:

    LMAO yeah right, with lyrics as complex as I Gotta Feeling, he’s a true genius…


  5. Heminem

    This is awesome. I am a bigger fan of Will’s than the BEP. He produces and writes it all. He it mega nigga!


  6. Heminem

    Cool title too.


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