Tiffany Evans Covers Beyoncé’s ‘Speechless’ [Video]

Tiffany Evans

A bold Tiffany Evans takes on Beyoncé’s “Speechless” for the world to see. The 18-year-old vocalist, who was previously managed by B’s father Mathew Knowles, turns her bedroom into a stage, belting out the ballad with conviction. Does Tiffany’s cover leave you speechless? Watch below.

[I Am Boi Genius]

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  1. -

    Her Lower register could use some work, but she can sing better than a lot of singers out today


  2. jaydeeEm

    well dayum!!! she better do that! she has a great voice!

    PS- the constant weave tugging was the only draw back lol i kid


  3. @corecyobrown

    Her singing is the very reason why I was hoping she stayed with Matthew. If Tiffany decides that she wants to become a world renowned performer and singer I am willing to put my money on her being the next female legend. By her being able to use greats like Whitney and Beyonce as references/inspiration along with her natural ability, this girl has the potential to surpass them. I hope she has the drive and gets the right time.

    She def eat that song UP!


  4. Bizz

    Well damn! She just need better production and….woooo!


  5. tip2sonic

    i think you did a wonderful job


  6. ItsM3shaun

    You Betta Sing it Tiffany Girl Your Voice is Amazing she better than most of them female artist out these days this is how its suppose to be done


  7. sabrina

    She did a REALLY good job. Come on Tiff, come out strong.


  8. Michelle

    Wow, that was better than I thought it would be.


  9. Drew

    Her hair playing was annoying but she can sing. Always one of my favorite songs.


  10. BLAZE

    WOW who would have knew she did that shit Go Tiff


  11. jayMONEY

    yeah, she did that but i was distracted by her teeth. they look different, like she got the wrong size veneers or something. kind of horse like.


  12. kingkong

    i remember when this chick was hating on rihanna and rihanna was like.. i don’t even know her..i though it’s was some random girl i went to school with lmao


  13. fizzle



  14. SiSQo

    This is the bxtch that hated on Rihanna. DIE BXTCH!


    maya Reply:

    @SiSQo, She didn’t hate, she spoke the truth! Rihanna can’t sing worth a damn!


    ughreally Reply:

    @SiSQo, now you’re the ‘bitch” hating on Tiffany Evans. Grow up. She did. She made comments about Rihanna okay. Rihanna is not your mother or your God. Tiffany Evans was like 16 then. That’s how you talk about kids ‘die bitch’? Wait, you’re probably a kid yourself. What, like 15? bye


    SiSQo Reply:

    @ughreally, She’s still a BITCH!


    Brittney Reply:

    @SiSQo, You act like you know her personally. Shut the fuck up. Dumbass.


  15. Ira

    She Brought it back to church on this one… I love her. Her management team sucks. she should be in the spotlight more. OH! Wait it was Mathew Knowles, Now I understand!


  16. jay

    lol alrite now


  17. Xcuse Me.

    Who dis hoe is?


  18. Real Issh

    Beautiful voice .. Queen inspires everyone .


  19. ughreally

    She has an AMAZING voice. She can not only sing out and hit notes but she connects with her material. She’s pretty. I know she can dance from what I’ve seen. I can’t wait for her talent to be recognized and her to gain the fans she deserves..

    Am I the only one who wants to hear her do “1+1″ lol


  20. Jay

    Tiffany’s voice has grown so much! THat girl can freaking blow! Excellent control and strong vocal range. Damn and that last YES that she hit oh my God! WOW! You betta sand Tiffany!


  21. misscarlybaby

    oh my how i love this..a true singer..she killed! i am speechless like wow wow wow


  22. Drew-Shane

    This is without productions! She sounds great. I had to add it to my favorites.


  23. Keri

    She’s gooooood (:


  24. DaDonRoMaN

    Wasnt This The Same Chick That Talked Shit Bout Beyonce Being In The Illuminati Too.??


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