New Music: Diggy Simmons – ‘Copy, Paste’

Copy, Paste

Diggy Simmons takes aim at his clones on “Copy, Paste,” the breezy first single from his Atlantic Records debut. “They copy my demeanor/ They be rockin’/ I know they watchin’/ Act like I don’t see ‘em,” he raps before singing the Auto-Tuned hook. Rev Run’s flashy son also brags about his shoe game—from Jeremy Scott to Christian Louboutin. With a flow beyond his 16 years, is Diggy poised to follow in his father’s footsteps?

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  1. thecool

    Diggy finnaly getting that shine


  2. Mac Gizzle

    I think it’s dope but for a first single no. People have been waiting on Diggy to drop for a minute now so give them a scorching uptempo club joint out the gate not something that sounds like a third single, it’s too slow to be his first single.


    StarsRblind Reply:

    @Mac Gizzle, You make a good point.


  3. sagb



  4. MJAYP

    This sounds like a lasers leftover. smh


    blackguyfromNY Reply:

    @MJAYP, how….
    get the fuck outta here……….


  5. Yeah

    ummm No. FUCK U Atlantic Records v_v


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    I think it is cool, I like the hook too, real chill


  7. Diego

    he sounds like a wack Drake major fail


  8. luzuko from south africa

    Fuck u all haters,,diggy iz the future



    BEEN WITH DIGGY EVER SINCE MADE YOU LOOK CAME OUT. all i can say is that this song is gonna cause some serious interruption with the rap game. ITS TIME THAT THESE SO CALLED ”RAPPERS,” SEE SOME REAL COMPETITION!



  10. luzuko from south africa

    Diggy iz the future


  11. Lisa

    Like it!


  12. 2 rule



  13. Yaser Lad



  14. shondale

    I like this but he was more creative on his mixtapes and liked his tracks with black the beast


  15. Nick

    I wanna like it…It’s ok, but not really what I want for first single.

    Alantic Records is the absolute worst label ever. They turn all the best rappers into generic Pop artists.


  16. k

    He doesnt use profanity right? cause i forget..


  17. maya

    :23 in & I fucking can’t! Rapping about money & girls, I honestly had enough of that. Does nothing stimulating goes on in these rappers lives that they rap about girls, money, and cars all the time. Beat sounds unoriginal & he repping queens when he was raised in a big ass mansion in New Jersey. Tuh…


  18. Eliana

    Pharrell should work with him.

    Diggy is talented and has his fathers spits.
    But people need to give him some cause really he takes something out and everyone is already expecting a lot.

    He needs a goood song.


  19. JHP

    What the hell? What happened to the “Click Clack Away” joint with Bruno Mars, that’s a WAY better idea for the first single, Atlantic f*cked Lupe over first, they tryna do that to Diggy because Lupe’s his idol or something?


  20. Sharp Tongue

    I like the feel of the song, but Atlantic is NO good >_> and I do get a Drake feel from his voice as well but that’s all.


    Cjer Reply:

    @Sharp Tongue, More tyga than drake, i think thts he got his flow from


  21. Cjer

    where he*


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  23. chris_shorts

    i like it its him … thats his style he doing him i love it go diggy #crack


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