Video: Shontelle – ‘Say Hello to Goodbye’


Shontelle’s relationship goes off the tracks in the melancholy video for “Say Hello to Goodbye,” the latest single from her second album No Gravity. The Barbados-born singer-songwriter runs into her ex while boarding a train at New Jersey’s Hoboken station, but only one passenger decides to stay for the ride.

“It’s really a story of acknowledging [that] this ain’t working, it’s the end, and it’s time to say hello to goodbye,” explained Shontelle, who wrote the song after splitting with her boyfriend. “I know a lot of people can relate to similar circumstances.”

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  1. ShontelleDaily

    I Looove! <3


    Tiffany Reply:

    @ShontelleDaily, she looking like Tyra, thats a good look shonny!


  2. saio

    most underated singer in america
    she’s good evan much better than rihanna
    impossible was amazing


  3. brielle

    its actually good just a fun fact about her before rihanna stans start to attack she wrote for rihanna a few times ( shut up & drive please dont stop the music, cold case, and rihanna new single man down and co wrote california king bed) so before we judge and compare keep that in mind thnx :)


  4. Josh

    I love her but is she still trying? lol


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @Josh, cause it’s her dream, you wouldn’t give up either if you wanted it bad


  5. Eric

    @Brielle, get your facts right, out of those songs you said she only wrote Man Down!

    Shontelle is a great singer and she can make great music, but her album kinda lacks something! Her 1st album was better!

    I do wish she had more succes though, she deserves it!


  6. Eric

    @Brielle, get your facts straight, out of all those songs you said, she only (co)wrote Man Down for Rihanna

    The song is nice! Don’t see this becoming a hit though. I do wish her all the success, because I do like her & her 1st album was quite good…


    brielle Reply:

    @Eric, you a boy getting sassy with a girl as the gays say “KEEP IT CUTE” and i did not say she only wrote man down i listed a whole bunch of other songs her and rihanna both said she wrote so get your facts str8 GURL lol


    Eric Reply:

    @brielle, I didn’t mean to be rude (posted it twice because I thought the first comment wasn’t posted) I was just saying that Shontelle only wrote Man Down, she isn’t credited as a writer for the other songs and I’m pretty sure Rihanna didn’t say Shontelle wrote all those songs. I think Rih & Shontelle only collaborated 4 times: Roll (J-Status song), Hotness, Unfaithful (Remix) and Man Down!

    Btw, did you know your name is a city in Holland?


  7. SLYBOIontwitter

    She can sing, this is a good look, Big Ups Barbados..

    I like the vibe, something different.
    Video doesnt match too much though.


  8. Orlando

    Hi Tyra lol


  9. SUE



  10. Sleazy

    Wow i love it! shontelle sings great live and with so much emotion! dnt care hw many time she flops she gona have success MY FAV BAJAN


  11. Yaser Lad

    Much better than Rihanna. She just seems more realistic than the other Bajan’s music!!!


  12. WhatTheF

    IDK why y’all are even mention Queen Rihanna…

    Anyway, I love the video, the song, and I love Shontelle! The song is moving up on Top 40 radio!


  13. sabrina



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