New Music: Kid Cudi x Dot Da Genius – ‘Perfect Is the Word’

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi debuts the first offering from his rock band Wizard, a collaboration with “Day ‘N’ Nite” producer Dot Da Genius. “I won’t run away, cowards run away,” sings a slurring Mr. Solo Dolo over the marching beat. The now sober MC previously revealed that he’ll be playing guitar on the album, which will be released on his recently established imprint Wicked Awesome Records.

Cudi has a message for those who don’t like his new direction. “If you want my old shit, buy my old albums….Im moving forward, all w/ me LETS GO! Life is about evolving, which is why im successful,” he tweeted.

Kid Cudi x Dot Da Genius – “Perfect Is the Word”

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  1. Yeah



  2. Shade

    AMAZING! Kid Cudi^ True music!!!! King Wizard!!


  3. KidCastro

    great track!


  4. listen

    career is over if this is the new direction he’s heading.


    annaa Reply:

    @listen, true that shit. l:
    im gonna miss the old kid cudi. ftw.


  5. Akon's Da Man

    @listen no his career is not over, this is just the beginning of great music to come from him and his band.


  6. Christian

    Arghhhh!! I’m so in love!! I thought that he was going to go full hardcore rock, but I’m glad that he kept within his element and made an alternative/rock song that can still be related to his persona. Can’t wait to see him in concert on July 17th. #CudLifeTour


  7. imabeast82


    I love it.


  8. Lukas



  9. dankingkemp

    This is Good, I hope his album is like this..)dk


  10. Zeezy

    Say goodbye to your career Cudi! This is not the direction you should go.


  11. JR

    so wack its shocking


  12. greg

    wtf is this shti


  13. Waffle_

    stupid hater -____-
    cudder is king !


  14. Artist

    Kid Cudi Congrants On This Song ITs Too Nice & Keep Killin These Haters..#GOODMUSIC



    drugz f#cked this man in the alternative sh#t ryt basicly he is doin what creative cudi does! and that it izzz, not conforming, hence not creating the same bullshit music we hear these day’ my opinion he is………..LEADER


  16. Dante

    This is lame… first he “quits drugs”??? what kinda shit is that, who “quits” smoking pot, and this music is terrible.


  17. gabe

    really good


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