Video: Rihanna – ‘Man Down’

Rum pum pum pum. Rihanna fires off a strong message in the powerful video for “Man Down,” the reggae-tinged single from her latest album Loud. Set against the beauty of Jamaica, the Barbados-born singer tells the compelling story of a sexually-abused woman in the Anthony Mandler-directed clip.

In the opening sequence, a long-haired RiRi is seen shooting a man before flashing back to the prior morning to explain what triggered the deadly series of events. Little Miss Sunshine rides her bike through the parish of Portland, hanging with the boys in her neighborhood, before journeying to a nightclub where she meets a man. After dancing together, he forces himself upon her. She resists his advances, but he doesn’t back down, leaving her in tears.

But it’s Rihanna who gets the final say, taking matters into her own hands and putting an end to her abuser’s life. That’ll teach you a lesson.

  • OhYEEEA!

    This was a great video visually, and touched on a very important issue….RAPE against young women, which occur daily. Of course she isnt dancing choreo! Its NOT a dance song people!!!

    These young FAGS need to stop worrying about the next dance they can do in the clubs, and give props where props are due. Im not a STAN, but clearly Rih is doing her thing this LOUD era. This was her best video in my opinion

  • Dhwan

    I think the video is cool and deep ! All the bad press it is getting is overkill though. It is just a video for god sake. Do your thing Rihanna !

  • Reyyan

    I don’t like Rihanna but this video is so cool. And she looks pretty.

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  • tash

    rapist beware after this song many women and girls are going to be out for revenge hooooo lol. bit extreme but its no different from bohemian rapshody. yall remember that song. “mama i just killed a man, i put a gun against head pulled the trigger now he is dead, mama ooooooo…” so yall shouldnt be quick to judge rihanna. and if this is how she is dealing with whole chris brown thing then cool, let her have her angry music as long as she is not taking the anger out physically on people its fine. we all have our own coping mechanisms. i went thru what she went thru and i took up boxing yes its violence but i am punching a bag instead of a person, she is saying it lyrically instead of shooting chris brown. its her form of therapy allow her that.

    • rinaboo

      @tash, this is her way of dealing with the chris brown thing???? like 2-3years later???? She waited this long to deal with the chris brown thing???? I smelled a rat

      • Dee

        @rinaboo, How or who are YOU to tell someone how to deal with one of the most TRAUMATIC things a woman would ever have to do with in her life?! Obviously, you lack sympathy and KNOW nothing about trauma. It’s called PTSD or better “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”, it happens to anyone who’s been close to death or seen something traumatic, i.e., losing a child, witnessing a murder, 9-1-1, etc. Grow up! You are displaying your childishness and immaturity and should really go and pick up a book and educate yourself.

  • NessyJ

    I thought This was a really good clip! Rihanna returning back to her Carribean roots, I understand why the parents goups are having a cry about the clip, but honestly why would any good parent allow their small children to watch any of the clips on tv? they are all violent or sexual in nature.. c’mon people and stop complaining! Rihanna gave the bastard what he deserved!!!

  • robm

    Well it’s not that controversial – there have been plenty of songs before in other decades also based on man’s violent lovers revenge on women/men, evidence Tom Jones ‘Delilah’, Hendrix ‘Hey Joe’ Queen ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and many others…and the song on it’s own is nothing really to stir a reaction. The main points come from the shamelessly ‘soft-core’ treatment of the mini movie with her prancing round town braless with her tits bouncing in a thin top and steaming up in a club etc and the entire atmosphere looks like a steamed up CK advert or hip hop gangsta club scene so tbh it’s all trivial sensationalism and I think any attempt to make it into a ‘serious message’ blah blah is just trashy cash-in and undeserved. It’s a pop video, nothing more, stylised edited and ‘shot’ for effect..out to make money not highlight causes.. who is anyone kidding?

  • anymo

    oh mama mama riri’s the best

  • Kee’Airaa

    Rihanna did Good This Is A nice Video ! Haters Your Only Making Her Better at what she’s doing so Keep The Good work Up : ) Just saying .

  • Melly-B

    Love the video Ri Ri.You got my support no matter what you do.Keep doing your thing.Bajan 4 ever!!!!!

  • maleke

    what a hard video to watch wow

  • pierre

    mmmhh lady gaga and beyonce poisoning and killing an entire restaurant without second thoughts: nobody cares.
    Now Rihanna kills a man who raped her and she has regrets: Big controversy and associations making a big deal out of it.
    Conclusion: I don’t understand why people hate Rihanna so much !

  • A mess

    Way to end your album with a flop video! #Bye

  • Alicias certified homewrecka

    This is a record, a Rihanna post surpassesa Beyonces post. Lol

  • Voodoobudder

    Rihanna, this song & video is great!
    Better than anyone’s out there…
    keep up the good work !!!

    Hope you release a vid for raining men~
    That one would be great, I’m sure !!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Rihanna is my girl.

  • Char

    I don’t get what the big deal about this video is. Lots of male rappers include violence, guns and shooting in their videos, yet suddenly when a woman shoots her rapist it causes a huge controversy? Seems like people want women to be sweet and innocent and when a woman stands up for herself and won’t put up with abuse, they condemn her. She’s not “playing the victim”, quite the opposite, she’s refusing to be a victim any more.

  • Muffy

    Rihanna doesn’t have talent and she cannot dance for shit, but the songs are catchy. I know her fans are going to claim she wrote on “Rated R.” Bitch only added an “I.”

    Goodbye. Just reading about her makes my head hurt. I won’t be back.

  • Nicky

    Ilove this video. Haters u only making her better at what she does. The concept of it is fablous.

  • From sweden

    I don’t understand why you would compare beyonce and rihanna, it’s like you can’t like beyonce and rihanna, why would you choose one of them that you will like and the other one should you choose to hate. I don’t like the song man down but i loved the video, i don’t like beyonce new song ‘run the world (girls)’ but i love ‘halo’ and ‘if i were a boy’. They are artist the make art sometimes you don’t like the art sometimes you do.
    Stop hating on beyonce.stop hating on rihanna they are artist they both have won and lost and it will probably be so in future also.
    So stop compare artist with each other and let them create art because thats what they were born to do!! btw i really loved this video.

    • cacko card

      @From sweden, shit u cannot deny bish dat bey REALLY dances while rihanna only pretends.

  • john

    people calm yourselves. She is just trying to bring a very serious issue to light. Rape that happens alot and no one takes it serious until you take justice into your own hands. Then its too late. so the victim is hurt twice and its not her fault.

  • diana

    I love the song every woman that has every been abuse feels like killing her abuser she shows how she feels and it could have happened yesterday or years ago the feeling is like being raped and stays your whole life and you idoits that are staying playing the victim has never had it happen to them

  • cacko card

    the only good abt ths bish is her hair bc the video is an epic fail.

    btw riyey learn how to move beysh!

  • Hrissy

    Best song of Rihanna, well done girl! I very like Jamaican accent

  • Lbug

    OMG> THIS IS ONE OF THE TACKIEST SITES I HAVE EVER BEEN ON> The arguments are so weak and immature. Thank goodness I only stopped by to see the video. Certainly will not return.

  • shell87

    I like the video its statement , some woman that was the victim do feel like that they wanta just kill that person that hurt them and anybody that listen to the song will understand the song and stop just watching the video listen to the song

  • tupain

    Loved the clip… I’m not a major Riri fan but I love it when she has more of a reggae style to her songs… suits her voice way better than the pop songs. As for people saying she can’t dance, it would look pretty weird if she started breaking out lady gaga or Beyonce moves in the middle of this clip??? I think they incorporated some great dance moves in there given the theme of the song, Riri’s moves as well as some shots from dancers at the party managed to portray the atmosphere very well… I loved her moves… totally hot!! AND atleast you can pull off Riri’s moves at a club without looking like a Lady Gaga or Beyonce wannabe (lmao)



  • tirza


  • Wow

    I like the sonqq but i def.ly had to watch it 3 times to understand it, but if it was me i wouldve had niqqas on his axs, i wouldnt kill him personally cus i def.ly dont wana end up in jail for life or sum shiid like that.

  • Rihanne

    Well i personally love the song idrc about all the violence in it i still think its a great song and ive watched this video over 5 times i cant stop singing it i love rihanna and i love most of her songs and this song is one of my faves its a GREAT song and if you wanna reply to my comment well go on but please no negative replys please. thank you

  • maa

    i do like this song

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  • EJ

    Ya ol re just bunch ass motherfuckers. Rihanna did her best.

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