Behind the Video: DJ Khaled f/ Drake, Lil Wayne, & Rick Ross – ‘I’m on One’

Drake invites viewers inside his unfinished Miami crib to shoot the inspirational video for “I’m on One,” the second single from DJ Khaled’s Cash Money debut We the Best Forever.

“Even for stars, there’s vulnerable moments, but at the end of the day, we’re on one. This is it. This is what we dreamed about,” explains Drake, who collaborated on the video with director Gil Green.

“The whole idea is it’s not that polished glamour side of Miami, it’s the real side,” adds Green. “The idea of this video is very dark, it’s very dreary. The imagery is very seductive and moody and edgy.”

In addition to Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, Lil Twist, Wale, Triple C’s, Ace Hood, and Birdman make cameos. Watch them put in overtime, shooting until 4:30 a.m. on the streets of MIA.

[Derick G]

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    Does Khaled act like he is stupid or what? I cant understand how some of these people are so dumb but still got popular/rich.


  2. A Damn Shame

    Dj Khaled is so talentless. All he does is get artists that are hot at the moment on a song, gets a producer to produce the song and talks over it. Just redicilous.


    Hugh Reply:

    @A Damn Shame, I know! He doesnt produce, doesnt rap, why the F is he on this song!

    This is Drake ft Lil Wayne and Rick Ross!


  3. Kayla C.

    This is one of my favorite songs right now and I can’t wait to see the video!!!!


    YMCMB! Reply:

    @Kayla C., ditto


  4. p

    i love this song & i can’t wait for the video :)
    it sounds and looks like it’s going to be a nice calm video because i don’t think anything flashy and bright like Look At Me Now would suit this song.


  5. jazmine

    ummm y does rick rose has his body out like he got a six pack im shure none of us ladies wanna see that lmao


  6. M4L

    Lol @ Rick Ross.

    Love this song and can’t wait for the vid.


  7. Star

    I just can’t with all these studio thugs…

    And is Drake smoking now? Still corny -_-


  8. No ma'am

    Drake has changed. Almost as if he is trying to hard to be “down”. Still a cutie though.


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