Kelly Rowland Begins ‘X Factor’ Auditions

Kelly Rowland

Only days after being announced as one of Britain’s new “X Factor” judges, Kelly Rowland got right into the swing of things. The “Motivation” singer, flaunting her toned body in a yellow top and black skirt, appeared at the first round of auditions for the singing competition at LG Arena in Birmingham, England, on Wednesday (June 1).

“Being a judge is never easy, but I promise to be as sternly honest as I can and also encourage everyone who crosses the stage,” said Kelly. “I can’t wait to meet the world’s next superstar!”

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  1. JR

    aw go on kelly….pity that tulisa isnt mentioned on here


  2. lenor

    soooooooooo pretty! she looking good and that body is bangin!


  3. Alicias certified homewrecka

    Go! Go! Go! Go!


  4. Jordan Gabriel

    I hope this show won’t ruin her image, cos that’s what shows like that do. Although I have to say she’s always been sweet so I guess it could be refreshing. And at least she knows what she’s talking about, not like effin Dannii Minogue (who’s just somebody’s sister let’s be franc) or Cheryl ‘whatshernameagain’ Cole (who simply has no talent whatsoever).
    I just feel like it’s a desperate move, I wish she didn’t have to be on that show to sell more…



    she lookd hawttt great opportunity kells, get that paper


  6. TheDimplePuppet

    Go go Go go Kelly! =)


  7. Yaser Lad

    Proud of Kelly… Finally!!!


  8. Jamie

    I’m in Birmingham & I’m gutted I missed this. She looks too hot in these pics. So happy she got the job!


  9. DeeJay

    Congrats Kelly!! This woman is fine.


  10. IamWhoIam

    Work It Kelly! She is doing big things. She is going to be PAID.


  11. MRBIG

    Please God, let this boost her career in the UK. It made Cheryl Cole seem talented so hopefully it can TRIPLE boost Kelly who does have some talent.


  12. NikkiIsChillin

    Kelly looks great. Congrats to her. Love the outfit. Do you Ma! Make that money!!!


  13. BlackBuddahFly

    She looks so cute! She’s gotta be well of 6 foot in those damn shoes!

    I wish she could have been on the US Version of the show. She’s way more fit to judge somebody on their talent than some british chick nobody in the US knows, and Nicole Whatevertheheckherlastnameis!


  14. Hugh

    Amazing as always. No one is ever hotter than she is!


  15. Hugh

    She also still looks early 20s!


  16. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    Go wifey, don’t you dare slow down ….


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