Kevin Rudolf Working on New Music for Rihanna, Lil Wayne

Rihanna, Kevin Rudolf, and Lil Wayne

Some of music’s biggest names have come to Kevin Rudolf in search of their next hit. The Cash Money singer-producer reveals that Rihanna, Leona Lewis, and Lil Wayne are among those enlisting his services.

The “Let It Rock” hitmaker has been submitting material for the “S&M” singer’s sixth album. “[I'm] writing some stuff for Rihanna right now,” he told “I hear she’s back at it.”

In addition to working on RiRi’s next project, he contributed to Lil Wayne’s long-awaited Carter IV. “Wayne records a lot of records and no one knows but Wayne until the very end what ends up on the album, but we did a couple things together that are pretty exciting,” he shared. “Wayne is actually one of the few artists that keeps getting better and better, so I’m just happy to be along for the ride and be part of Cash Money.”

And if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Rudolf has been in and out of the studio writing for Leona Lewis and B.o.B while recording a follow-up to his 2010 album To the Sky. “I’m working on a new album right now actually,” he said. “[I'm] in the midst of it, so we’re looking to drop a single probably in the next few months. I’m not gonna rush it, but definitely keep an eye out for it.”

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  1. RAH RAH

    Can’t wait to see what he has cookin’ up for Rih!


  2. J-esper

    I hoep Ri’s “6th” album is a re-release EP then because I don’t wnat the Loud era to be over.

    She will tour for Loud end of this year globally, it would look weird if she tours a tour fo her 5th album during her 6th era


    Name here Reply:

    @J-esper, she will probably relase this 6th one in 2012


  3. say what

    get it rihanna do another collaboration with jt that was a big hit, do one with wayne
    just do it do a hit with kevin, cheryl cole
    katy, adele you have been doing your thang here lately and i read that susan boyle wants to collab. with you.


    Deecay Reply:

    @say what, Dead at the thought of a Susan Boyle and Rihanna song.


  4. MaZ

    Wow that girl is a machine! Be sure to have a Rihanna new album before the end of the year!


  5. Yeah



  6. Name here

    she should do a re-release of loud because their no good singles left besides ltwyl pt2


  7. Lady gaga

    another year anther rihanna! makn sure that reign wont let up! would like to see her take a break like bey. ci. xtina etc


  8. Rihannalover

    It’s probably for a Loud Re-release!!! Her last album on her current contract should come out early 2013! She’s worked so hard for these 6 years! After Loud tour, she should just relax!!!:-*


  9. Ri

    Будем надеятся, что её новый альбом будет лучше всех предыдущих.
    А может это будет только переиздание старого.


  10. B4BSE

    Needs to get back in the studio with Timbo! They did some great stuff together.


  11. Cody

    So excited to see what Rihanna comes up with after her amazing album LOUD!!


  12. Jacob

    Rihanna is workinq on a Loud re-issue riqht now not a sixth album i found that out on twitter. but if she did do a sixth album i would be willinq to bet it would be in 2012 cause she said that she cant take a break. in 2009 after her incident she stayed home for 2 weeks and then qot riqht bac in the studio. she says that its a qreat way to release and vent. so i doubt we’re qoinq to see Rihanna take a break anytime soon.


  13. masonn

    I’d perfer a entirely new album instead of a LOUD Rih-Release in my opionion. And I doubt that rihanna will ever take a break she is always in the studio.


  14. Purple-P

    Rihanna is a goddess.oh my soul lives 4 u


  15. Purple-P

    I believe so much in rihanna.her coming album will definitely ran the max


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