Video: Omarion – ‘Cut a Rug’

Omarion makes all the right moves in the sensual video for “Cut a Rug,” a slow jam which appears on his mixtape The Awakening. A shirtless O dances against a brick wall with his sexy co-star —touching, teasing, and even spanking her. Here’s your chance to spy on their steamy session. Ooh wee!

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  1. robyn

    yeah O go get em’…..FUCK THE HATERS


  2. ItsTT

    The hell is that on his lip?!


  3. meme

    its call a mole. anyway i cant wait for a album. was always a fan of his.


  4. k

    Makes me want to do some things..





    Prince Reply:

    @MONKEY, This A Good SOng & Video SO Shut The Fuck Up lol.


    tug Reply:

    @MONKEY, u r relay a monkey… keep hating in the jungle jackass… not her… f**k ya…


  6. Prince

    This Is A Good Song & Video So Above Shut The FUck Up lol


  7. Big.Deal

    I see eddie long’s victims are making a smooth recovery…


  8. Artist

    Omarion Is Back What A Good Song O…#KeepKillin


  9. LOL

    why does he even bother?


  10. tug

    yo… O make a good work … please haters Shut up… these song is omazing…..omarion is dope


  11. Dank



  12. Lisa

    The things I would do to Omarion. So sexy!


  13. key

    yeah he will do the same to bow wow


  14. Jay S.

    I really appreciate The Awakening, I missed Omarion, hes looking great and that mixtape is very nice, vocally hes changed and I give him props


  15. SLYBOI

    Haters go to hell, it’s a good song. Video was dope.


  16. Hip-Hop


    [...] || Video: Omarion – ‘Cut a Rug’[...]…

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