Kanye West Developing Fashion Line in Paris

Kanye West

Kanye West is reigniting his fashion career. The dapper rapper is reportedly working on his own clothing line in the fashion capital of the world.

Mr. West is said to be developing a high-end collection for both men and women, a source close to him tells The Telegraph. He has set up shop at a studio in Paris to begin work.

This is not his first foray into fashion. Kanye, a regular fixture at runway shows, scrapped plans for his Pastelle line in 2009 and most recently released a limited collection of scarves inspired by the artwork for his latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

He is expected to present Céline designer Phoebe Philo with an award at the CFDA Fashion Awards on June 6 and recently performed at the memorial for legendary poet Gil Scott-Heron.

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  1. Nasser

    so i guess watch the throne got cancelled lol


    YY Reply:

    haha i bet Kanye’s just multitasking as usual. Probably listening to final mixes of Watch The Throne while looking at and creating clothing designs.


  2. @cynotoire

    Looking forward to seeing his pieces!


  3. IamWhoIam

    I am a huge Kanye West fan but I’m not so sure about this. While someone may have a great eye for clothing that doesn’t necessarily make them a great designer. It takes years to master that craft. I hope dude has a sewing machine and patience. Its going to take people a long time to respect him as a fashion designer.

    And I don’t mean like the others: Diddy, Jessica Simpson, Kimora Lee, Miley Cirus, Jay-Z, J-Lo and the rest. These people are NOT fashion designers. All they do is attach their name and approve the sketches. Hell most don’t even do that. There is a fine line between a designer and those folks.


  4. Dank

    Good look!
    I NEED “Watch The Throne” to drop this year though!



    Huge fan and I think he will create a wonderful line!! He seems to have a passion for this and along with talent something great will come out of it….KANYE WISH YOU THE BEST!!!!


  6. rickey

    This is my first time seeing kanye smile in a long time


  7. xIndo

    I love Mr. West. but I think we can forget about ”Watch The Throne”
    Because this year his 6th studio album will drop,
    and if he’s gonna do da fashion stuff now, I don’t think he’ll finish ”Watch The Throne” tho’ I hope he does..


  8. jhuntdaprodigy

    Watch The Throne is most likely done, because Jay-Z got his haircut recently. For the longest it’s been a ritual of Jay’s to not cut his hair while working on an album until it’s done,so I think it’s finished, Hov’s parts at least. They’re probably in the process of mixing, mastering, and readying the new single


  9. Hugh

    He looks bad without the facial hair!

    Im pretty cheap so i dont think il buy much of it.


  10. Kathy

    love kanye!


  11. Luana

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