Watch Hot 97 Summer Jam 2011 Live!

Summer Jam 2011

Can’t be at Summer Jam? Not to worry. For the first time, New York radio station Hot 97 is allowing viewers to stream the hip-hop fest live from home. The star-studded show kicks off at 6 p.m. EST. Don’t miss performances from Lil Wayne, Drake, Chris Brown, Dipset, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Lloyd Banks, Wiz Khalifa, Waka Flocka Flame, Birdman, and many more surprises!

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  1. Shee

    kisses from Poland :)


    ben savage Reply:

    @Shee, have you heard of elijah kelley


  2. Joyce

    How can ivies summer jam


  3. WonderLand19

    waka flocka is CRAP. I had to turn the sound off. Wiz was and iam a fan.

    Hoply chris and fab kill it.


    adrian Reply:

    @WonderLand19, has waka performed yet or young money!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. saadkid08

    Jay & Ye are supposed to be there, im pumped


  5. jim

    Who’s gone before fabolous


  6. shebra atlas

    I know yall heard my nigga flocka shit on young jeezy


  7. shebra atlas

    wacka flocka dissed young jeezy i heard that


  8. NJsHNIC

    My Nigga Banks SouthSide In Da Fuckin House He Killin Da Stage


  9. tune

    did lil wayne or drake perform yet?


  10. ronstar

    no thy havntyet


  11. adrian

    this sounds like a black justin bieber


  12. adrian

    get these fools off stage this aint g unit where the hell is 50 at


  13. WonderLand19

    lloyd banks is on with lloyd.
    lloyd sounds good but he needs to put his jacket back on :)

    Fab and LLoyd banks are best at the mo.


    jim Reply:

    @WonderLand19, who has gone so far?


  14. dock



  15. WonderLand19

    @jim, Wiz, Lloyd,Fab, waka flocka and now chris Browns on stage NOW!!

    WOOOP WOOOP the crowd is finally getting live!


  16. Momo

    Gr8 performance.chris breezy


  17. saadkid08

    Every white girl in the crowd is like “Dipset, Is that like that one guy Wu-Tang?”


  18. WonderLand19

    Brezzy KILLED IT. Busta on LAMN was AMAZING!!
    Off to sleep now. Uk time is 01:42 baby!

    Fab and Lloyd were good but Chris Brown SLAYED! He got the dead crowd jumping and screaming for him. Wiz was disappointing and Waka was screaming down the micophone. Plus, he showed his preggo tummy which was

    P.s. IF your going to a festival, don’t bring a camara. Makes the crowd DEAD.


  19. tasha

    i love chris browns performance .he did really good


  20. Arnie

    I’m over watching Cypher rosenberg and Miss info


  21. @AdamAbercrombie

    Rick Ross needs to put that shit away. Ain’t nobody wanna see his unsupported tiddies on the loose.


  22. Name here

    rick ross needs to put a shirt on like now


  23. @MsKat8



  24. tune

    lil wayne went so hard and young money killed it hands down….i like the im on one performence


  25. Dani

    breeezy killed it !!!!!!


  26. MAGNO




    game where is game ?


  28. qua-naysh-A walker

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaka u are very sexy


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