Melody Thornton Sings Opera [Video]

Melody Thornton

Now here’s something you don’t hear every day: a former Pussycat Doll singing opera. Melody Thornton showed off her powerful pipes, performing “Habanera” from the famed opera Carmen during the first week of “Popstar to Operastar,” a British TV show where eight pop stars compete against each other for the title.

“Carmen is a very flirtatious maneater basically. She sounds very similar to me,” joked Melody, whose sultry version of the tune earned her mostly positive reviews from the judges and kept her in the competition for another week.

Watch her take on the daunting task and face her critics.

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  1. chad

    Now were talking talking. That was the best i ever heard her sound.Now if only she can do the same in her regular voice.


  2. fifi



    Danahh Reply:

    @fifi, i wonder what you know about music if you think it was a mess. I think i would actually give a fuck if you were a professional opera singer but u probably aren’t so just shut up. This is fantastic, better than the pop crap that this generation listen to smh


  3. lost1wons

    is there anythin beyonce hasnt already touched


    mal Reply:

    @lost1wons, nope lol


  4. Aquierra

    Who knew she could do opera?! That was amazing!


  5. jaydeeEm

    yes, this was great— as the person stated above, now if she could apply that same control and restraint in her pop/rnb voice she’d be all good!


  6. LaMont

    She did a really good job!


  7. Dave

    She did great, but she has a great regular singing voice too. It’s not her voice that’s the problem it’s her VOCALS that sometimes be off, but there are always great points of her vocals. Listening to her sing “Hurt”, “Feeling Good”, her national anthem this year. She really can do it when she wants too.


  8. Bury



  9. Lisa

    Her voice wasn’t in its best condition. Even though she did better than I could ever do, it could’ve been better. But I hope this will somehow rub off on the mainstream industry. This shows a pretty woman, with an amazing voice. A beat or a lot of sexy dancers aren’t going to save you in opera. That’s what I like about it. It’s about the quality of the voice.


  10. mimi

    she just gained a fan! she really is underrated! maybe she just needs more exposure cause she def can sing but you just don’t hear about melody! good luck melody and from now on i’m supporting you!


  11. kingzzzz


    but she has to pay attention : i am french and i didn’t really always understood all she said

    but as the man said : when she said “prends garde a tooooooooooooooi” , it’s true she seemed dangerous, fierce


  12. geeps



  13. Priscila



  14. Insomnia

    I don’t speak French but who cares its Melody and is amazing! Can’t wait til the 3rd week to see what she showcases next on ‘Popstar To Operastar’! What’s so great to see is that Nicole Scherzinger sent out her love & support to Melody for doing PTO yesterday on Twitter.


  15. mal

    aaww i like her now from this lol


  16. Drew

    Go Mel! :) Great Job! Melody Thornton, Nicole Scherzinger & Kimberly Wyatt are all in London now! I hope they all meet up with each other while there could be a small PCD reunion!


  17. mathilde

    Melody just kill it !! She was sooo georgous and her accent when she sing in French is so cute (i know that because i’m french :p) And i’m happy she stay for another week ! GO KILL THE SECOND SHOW MELODY !!! And haters just shut up because her voice is incredible ;) J E A L O U S !
    I love Melody ! <3


  18. Veronika

    Go mel!! I am sooo sick of all haters, I would love to see all the haters singing opera!!!nobody have no idea how hard it has to be and how long it takes to learn how to work with voice!!! Be able to sing like that is a gift, so SHUT UP and be respectful


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