Lauryn Hill Addresses Pregnancy in Open Letter to Fans

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill has remained coy about her pregnancy, but the reclusive superstar took a moment to address her private life in a letter to her fans. The former Fugees frontwoman is expecting her sixth child later this year. Rumors of her pregnancy spread after she wore baggy clothes to cover her baby bump at many of her concerts, hinting at her growing family during a recent L.A. show.

In a message posted via Twitter, Ms. Hill apologized for being tardy to her gigs, attributing it to the pregnancy. “The majority of these dates were planned in advance of me knowing about the continued growth of my family (wink, wink),” she wrote.

She went on to thank fans for their support and expressed her eagerness to return to the stage. “Let’s do it real soon,” she added. Read her full letter below.

Lauryn Hill Letter

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  1. Rihannastann!

    We miss youuuu!


  2. Coleworld

    Rest that voice Lauryn and come back and give us new music! *prays*


  3. Yeah

    she is 36 and has had a successful career
    Love ya :)


  4. Devingod

    Only if she could give birth to another album-]


  5. jeremydante

    enough talk, more action.
    drop an album!


  6. DeeJay

    I knew if was a reason why she kept being late. Anyway congrats, and rest.


  7. Miss Marci

    Come back strong, rest up. I’m excited 2 c what comes of this small stuggle. I still love ur music


  8. Weather

    get greatest news on Community available


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