Video: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Hella Dope (Freestyle)’

Wiz Khalifa freestyles in the back seat of a car in the viral video for “Hella Dope,” which is interspersed with shots of his Taylor Gang crew at festivals. In an interview with MTV’s “The Seven,” the weed-loving rapper revealed that he plays a nerd in the stoner comedy High School with Snoop Dogg. “I get to win everybody’s heart over and Snoop’s the cool guy as everybody knows,” said Wiz, who covered up all his tattoos for the role.

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  1. Up

    :/ He just can’t do it (freestyle)


  2. GG

    smh nursery rhyme rap….pure garbage.


  3. Sharp Tongue

    Wiz stop while you’re ahead.


  4. WonderLand19

    Try again.


  5. 4lifelakers

    wiz is reading off his ipad. thats no freestyle.


  6. ed

    hella wack.


  7. MussCatYaDigg

    I’d like to see any of u niggaz freestyle off tha dome like that u cud tell he wuznt readin cuz he wudve killed that freestyle if he had pre-written shit… TGOD Hoe!


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