‘Gucci Gucci’ Rapper Kreayshawn Inks Deal with Columbia Records


The Internet has been buzzing about Oakland-bred visual artist Kreayshawn (Kray-shawn), whose viral video for “Gucci Gucci” has racked up 2.5 million views on YouTube. Now Columbia Records plans to make her a household name. The label, home to Beyoncé, John Legend, and Maxwell, has signed the rapper to a lucrative deal.

The 21-year-old, born Natassia Zolot, will release her single to digital retailers on June 14 with her full-length debut album to follow later this year. In the guerilla-style clip for “Gucci Gucci,” the tatted Kreayshawn calls out the “basic bitches” who obsess over brand names. She is joined by her fellow White Girl Mob member, stylist, and DJ L1L D3BB13 as she raps in front of designer stores on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

“I’m excited to work with my new Columbia family,” stated Kreayshawn, who has directed videos for Lil B and Soulja Boy. “They understand my vision and are going to let me continue everything I’ve been doing. My hope is to inspire others to be young, wild, and free.”

She described herself in less than picturesque words on her website. “I’m a piece of shit but, I am raw talent. Nothing but, unfiltered pain and torture I received as a child in the cold world,” she wrote. “Nothing’s nice about my style. I just got shit to do. Art is my means to my hustle. I just wanna share everything with everyone.”

Are you down with Kreayshawn? Check out her movement below.

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  1. theresa_keys

    love her fashion sense bright and lovely


    listen Reply:

    @theresa_keys, not surprising that Columbia would sign this WHITE female rapper when their urban department has been struggling for quite some years and they have little to no blacks working in their A&R department (roc nation is seperate). all i have to say is remember lady sovereign? m.w.i.


  2. musiqguy

    mm, good!
    & so fun^^


  3. lost1wons

    it’s young and fresh, very contemporary. Wont last the test of time though, sad cuz many artists fail like that. And when you look at her you cant help but think, well whats your 5 yr, 10 yr, 20 yr plan, save the money you make, becuz it will be sad to see all those wrinkley tats in the future. No hate, atleast she has creative vision to fall back on. Fendi Fendi Fendi, Gucci Gucci Prada, all da basic bitches always tryin to follow….very catchy


  4. lost1wons

    ohh, and just gotta mention, i’m noticing west coast is bursting at the seam again with uprising talents


  5. Spencer

    Old Future dudes in this? lol nice


  6. Spencer

    I mean Odd. typo =p


  7. Jay

    Yay shout out to the female rappers making a return


    Jay Reply:

    @Jay, Okay now that I just now actually listened to hersound I think she sounds pretty weird/ unatuaral rapping It sounds like u can tell she reading off a paper or something and her bars are not that good but okay I guess but wishes her the best of luck


    Devingod Reply:

    @Jay, Her rap skills is average at best. Record labels goal is to make money. Her image makes her marketable. Hardcore Hip-hop fans only care for lyrics but Image is just as important as lyrics.


  8. BigBlackRod

    …and hip hop dies a little more each day…PEACE.


    rebelle Reply:

    @BigBlackRod, ditto!


    Yep yep Reply:



    Umbrella&deepbag Reply:

    @BigBlackRod, lol


    shay Reply:

    @BigBlackRod, pretty much my thoughts exactly. what is this? omg!


    raerae119 Reply:

    @BigBlackRod, hahaaaaa


    Bena Reply:

    @BigBlackRod, Good One.. :D


  9. jewlz

    i think she got something going but the other girl who she roll wit v-nasty is worst rapper since justin bieber trying to rap



    i think she do a song with Ke$ha and she is not a hip hop Artist…


  11. wack

    This is not all that sounds wack, kind like a vanilla ice.


  12. BGB

    GuurrrL!!! She Betta Werk!


  13. headphones

    face palm


  14. Chet

    She’s mad dope. I don’t care what anyone says. She’s not trying to be this super intellectual mc, she has her own message and style. Some say she’s fronting with her swag but you can’t fake something like that. She’s from east Oakland and those cats are real. I’ve watched this Gucci Gucci video about 100 times already. I want to fuck her friend Lil
    Debbie lol.


  15. Yep yep

    Good 4 her :)
    Cali trying to get on..


  16. Devingod

    I wish her the best but I have heard better white female rappers.


  17. whge

    Whaaaaaaaat! people work for years to get a Major deal. and she gets one like that! good for her. not a very pretty femcee tho :/ prefer Rye Rye x


    Ikaryss Reply:

    @whge, YES Rye Rye! Hope her album comes soon, been waiting tooooo long


    Yela Reply:

    @whge, actually most female rappers did get deals just like that ..lil kim, foxy brown etc most of them rappers from the 90′s didnt have to grind for a deal because everybody was trying to sign a female back then on there label it was the IT thing to do for label they was MADE into rappers ………but females like nicki and remy did have to do alot to get a deal because nobody wanted to sign females cause they didnt think they could sell anymore

    but i think nicki helped the record labels realized femcees can still sell.. plus this girl is a WHITE ” hood” female rapper thats a nice gimmick to sell


  18. Brown Sugar

    Next she will say this: “I AM THE FEMALE SLIM SHADY!


  19. Trina

    She’s garbage along with everyone else coming out of Cali. Odd Future, New Boyz, Cali Swag District, & Lil B are all LAME


  20. BLAZE

    I like the fact that the females are coming back but she is not it for me sorry but Persia is a beast she goes hard yall should check her out she went at lil kim hard on friday after next.


  21. O

    I didn’t Kno lady gaga could rap…. Hmmm naw she Ight I like her


  22. Sha'Nesha

    i like her


  23. yo



  24. Ikaryss

    No talent.


  25. Queen Beyonce

    wtf???????????????????????????????? the lyrics are wack F OUT OF HERE


  26. andy

    i love her style, straight dope but her music is ehhhh


  27. The Beast

    While girls shouldn’t be allowed to do this. But she does have Odd Future members in the video, so that makes me wonder what she could actually do if she tried a little harder and made a more meaningful song.


  28. MzzAmirraO

    I guess she’ll be the “Queen” of hiphop next/?


  29. Ross

    We will see how long it takes her to start wearing labels after see gets some money.


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @Ross, YESSSSSSSS!


  30. From Tokyo

    If Lady Gaga were a rapper…

    BUT I am tired of the brand obsession. That crap’s been over a minute ago. I’m not really trying to hear about brands that don’t even feature diversified models. They’re not made for “us”, so…

    And rap dies a little more. One more nail in the coffin.


  31. Layla

    She’s a pretty good director but rapper she is not.


  32. Perks

    dope fashion. fucking AWFUL song. Not surprised she got signed…


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